We’re back with Dr. Hunter Vincent again today, our resident LaurenConrad.com personal trainer and fitness expert, who will be giving us some inspired ideas for working those glutes before bikini season. Give this routine a try to have your bikini body looking toned from the bottom up…

Burning booty workout from our trainer
Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Hunter here again to share another workout that will certainly leave your booty feeling a little sore! The 25-minute circuit below is a complete lower body hybrid, focusing on endurance, strength, flexibility and plyometrics. If you’re looking for a quick and easy booty burn, then give it a try and see what you think!

Booty workout from our trainer Hunter Vincent

Here are a couple tips…

1. Find a beach. Doing this workout on soft sand makes everything harder and really boosts your calorie burn. Some studies have shown up to 1.6 times more caloric burn, so try to find a beach (or even the playground sandbox… get creative!) near you.

2. Some equipment is required for the exercises below: dumbbells (we’d recommend starting with 5-10 pound weights) and minibands (there are many different brands with different levels/colors of strength, we recommend starting with a medium strength band).

3. To make this workout a bit longer, try starting with 20-30 minutes of cardio before you start, then add one of our ab circuits to finish it off.

4. For added difficulty to the exercises below, go right ahead and pick up your dumbbells for any of the exercises. Just remember that the most important part is to maintain proper technique in order to minimize injury!

the best booty workout on the beach

Karate squats for a killer booty workout

Karate Squats:
Here’s a great one for a warm up… Not only will it get your heart pumping, but it will loosen up your joints and help with hamstring flexibility. With your hands behind your head, squat down to 90 degrees, and on the way up kick one leg straight out. Then, go back for another squat and kick the opposite leg on the next round. The hard part is trying to get your leg all the way straight.

Miniband squats with kickback

Miniband squats with kickback

Miniband squats with kickback for the booty

Miniband Squats with Kickbacks:
Here’s one to work your hips and upper glutes. You can keep the miniband around your ankles or put it around your knees. Keeping the band on your ankles will make the kickbacks a little harder, but keeping the band around your knees makes the squat a little more difficult and can help with proper biomechanics if you find that your knees tend to drift inward with squats. With the band around your ankle or knees, squat low, and always remember to keep your knees behind your toes and your spine straight. When you stand up, kick one leg behind you, being sure to keep your leg straight. This will isolate your glutes even more, while working on hip stability and balance in the opposite leg. Keep squatting and alternating leg kickbacks!

Toe touch lateral squats

Toe touch lateral squats

Toe Touch Lateral Squats:
Embrace the burn on this one! Focus on your balance and go slow. Balance on one leg, and drop into a single leg squat (the lower the better!). Now, reach the other foot straight out to your side, trying to straighten your leg, and lightly touch the ground. The goal is to hold your squat for the entire time while slowly moving your other leg out and back. For added burn, feel free to keep the mini band around your knees.

The best exercises for the booty

Sumo squats booty workout

Sumo Squats:
Pick up those dumbbells and let’s get to it! With a wide stance (wider than shoulder width), and your toes turned out to about 45 degrees, place the dumbbells on your upper thighs. Now slowly move into a squat, trying to squat down until your legs are parallel to the ground, and then slowly standing up. Try to keep your muscles under tension the entire time, so no resting at the top—get right back into it. You can rest between exercises if you need it.

Plyo skiiers, booty workout on LaurenConrad.com

Plyo Skiiers:
Here’s where we focus on some plyometrics and dynamic balance… Start by balancing on your right foot. Then you are going to squat down, and jump as far as you can to your left, landing on your left foot. Steady yourself on your left foot, then squat and jump back to the right, landing on your right foot. Try to stay in control with each jump, and land softly. Think quality over quantity, and keep your head up. This is brutal in the soft sand!

Lateral lunges booty workout move

Lateral lunges for the booty

Lateral lunges booty workout

Lateral Lunges:
Pick up those dumbbells again, and let’s finish off the set! You can use one or both dumbbells, or no dumbbells at all, depending on how difficult you want the exercise to be. Start by standing with your feet together and dumbbells by your side. Fall to your left side, taking a large step sideways (well beyond shoulder width). Keeping your right leg straight, squat down bending only your left leg. Make sure to sit back into the squat and try to keep your knee behind your toe. This is often a difficult part of this exercise for most people: Try to touch the dumbbells to the ground next to your left foot. Then stand up and return to normal standing position, and lunge to the right side. Continue to lunge alternating sides.

Here’s the breakdown in case you need it one more time!

Burning booty workout courtesy of our trainer

A big thanks to Dr. Hunter for sharing this killer booty workout with us today!

Will you be giving this workout a try?

Let us know in the comments below. And feel free to leave your fitness workout requests in the comments too!

XO Team LC

Photos: Jessi Burrone for LaurenConrad.com