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The cutest Mother's Day cards for your mama friends

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate our wonderful moms, grandmothers, and other mother figures in our lives. But for new or expecting mamas (like our lovely editor-in-chief!), it’s also a great excuse to show your mom friends how much they mean to you. As any new mom can tell you, having a “mom tribe” to count on is invaluable during those early years. Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have, but oh, all the feelings you will feel. There are going to be moments when you feel like you’re on the brink of losing it—to exhaustion, uncertainty, chaos, or frustration. And then there will be moments when you feel as if your heart is simply going to burst from all of the joy and love you are experiencing… Joy felt at things as simple as that first laugh, first steps, or even at nothing in particular at all.

The cutest Mother's Day cards by Hallmark

The sweetest Mother's Day cards from Hallmark

What cards to give to your mama friends this Mother's Day

And whether you are at your highest highs or your lowest lows, there is no one else who will better understand what you are going through than another new mother who is experiencing those feelings at the same time too. So this Mother’s Day, a couple of us who are mothers (or soon-to-be mothers) had the idea of sending Mother’s Day cards to all of our girlfriends who are new mamas, in addition to recognizing our own family members on this holiday.

Darling Mother's Day cards on

The prettiest Mother's Day cards from Hallmark

Mother's Day cards from Hallmark for our mama friends

When it came to picking out cards for our mama friends, we turned to Hallmark Signature. Not only are all of the cards in the collection beautiful, but they have a wide variety of designs and messages to suit all of the unique mamas in your life. Whether your mama friend has a signature color, a signature style, a signature laugh, or something else that makes her special, you’ll find a card in the collection that reminds you of her.

Some of our favorite cards in this year’s Hallmark Signature Mother’s Day collection included details like pretty paper stocks, three-dimensional elements, and fun textures or fabrics. Plus the messages inside the cards are oh-so-sweet, but not overly sentimental or cheesy (which is the pitfall of many other greeting cards companies out there!).

The sweetest cards to get your mama friends

We’re hoping that exchanging Hallmark Signature Mother’s Day cards with our mom squad will become an annual tradition. As a new mama, it really is so important to have this group of mama friends in your life, and this is a lovely way to say thank you to them for all the support and advice. Every mother needs to hear that she’s doing a good job, and that often means the most when it’s coming from a fellow new mom. And of course, even if you’re not a mother yourself, this is still such a sweet and thoughtful gesture you can make to your friends who are.

The cutest cards for your mama friends

If you love these card designs as much as we do, you can find these pretty Hallmark Signature cards in the card department wherever Hallmark cards are sold.

Which card is your favorite?

And who do you plan on sending Mother’s Day cards to this year?

Happy early Mother’s Day!

XO Team LC

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