This post comes to us from Kind Campaign’s Molly Thompson (you might recognize her from this post!). Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized nonprofit that sheds light and brings healing to girl-against-girl bullying. Through their award-winning documentary, in-school assemblies, and educational curriculums, they are helping girls put an end to bullying for good. Today Molly is sharing her adorable nursery for baby Lyla Mae. Keep scrolling to see how she turned a nursery into a peaceful haven for both mama and baby…

The cutest nursery we ever did see

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I started dreaming about what the nursery would look like. I spent way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at the most beautiful rooms that I actually became a bit overwhelmed with the idea of creating and designing my own. I started second guessing myself and wondered, “Where do I even begin?!” There were so many different vibes that I was into, but what I kept coming back to was just really wanting to create a space that felt light, clean, and serene. A bit of whimsy combined with touches of modern in hopes of creating a magical space for this little babe to dream and grow in.

A tour of the cutest nurseryPrint: Molly’s original creation Sofa: West Elm Sleeper Sofa

Lyla’s nursery was previously my office and our guest room, so it was interesting figuring out what we would be able to transition and use in some way in her nursery. I love that my “YOU CAN SIT WITH US” piece from my office still has a home in her nursery. It’s such an important message, and I think it speaks to how universal Kind Campaign’s mission is that it fits just as naturally in her nursery as it did in my office. My hope is that the things that she is surrounded by in her nursery and in her life instill within her a sense of kindness, love and compassion.

A tour of a darling nurseryPrint: The Animal Print Shop Flamingo No. 1 Crib: The Land of Nod Panorama Acryic Crib Rug: West Elm Stuffed Animals: Hallmark Bear, Hazel Village Mouse, Jellycat Bunnies Chandelier: Gallery Authentic All Crystal Chandelier
Nursery detailsLyla Letters: Michael’s Dresser: The Land of Nod Cargo 6-Drawer Dresser Hamper: Pehr Blush Pom Pom Hamper

After being temporarily stalled by the endless options and overwhelming amount of directions you could go in when decorating a room, I realized you just have to start somewhere and then start piecing it together bit by bit. After coming across The Animal Print Shop’sFlamingo No. 1”, I knew that I really wanted to include that piece. So we used that as a starting point and moved forward from there adding bits and pieces until, before we knew it, we had planned out and decorated an entire nursery.

The sweetest nursery by Molly of Kind CampaignPrints: Our Heiday Rocking Chair: Giggle Monte Design Como Glider Rocking Horse: Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Unicorn Faux Fur Plush Rocker

The prettiest light and bright nursery

Next, I did a deep dive into The Land of Nod’s website and got lost in all of the beautiful and unique things that they have. We started with nailing down the bigger items, which really helped visualize how to have fun with the smaller pieces. I sent countless emails to my girlfriend, Katy Byrne of Katy Byrne Design, asking for her opinion and advice on which pieces would work best together or where was the best place to find artwork, throw pillows, etc., which was extremely invaluable. I’m a super visual person (and also incredibly indecisive at times), so I found Olioboard to be really helpful in being able to see how things were coming together because it allowed me to visualize how different pieces looked together before they were actually in the room.

Nursery corner

All the children's booksShelves: Ikea

I know a lot of people have their nurseries prepped and ready months before the baby arrives. Truth be told, that was not me. Lyla ended up being 10 days overdue and we used every day that she was late to prep for her arrival. One of the final decisions that we made was choosing the artwork for her gallery wall. The frames were already in place from when the room was my office, but for some reason we could not figure out what to fill them with. We wanted something that was as inspiring as it was beautiful so that Lyla’s walls would be filled with pieces that empowered her and dared her to dream without bounds. When I stumbled across Our Heiday I knew that we found what we were looking for.

Nursery detailsSide Table: Target Threshold Marlton End Table in Gold Lamp: Home Goods Figurine: Monroe Workshop Toys Herd of Mini Robot Horses Card: Wish & Pink
Nursery teepee Teepee: The Land of Nod A Teepee & Cushion to Call Your Own Set Wall Hanging: I Heart Bina and Jess Large Boho Dream Catcher

Overall, we’re so thankful and grateful for how everything came together. Lyla’s nursery is my favorite room in the house. I have already learned so much about her, and myself, during late hours, early mornings, and hectic afternoons spent in that room. I’ve learned that I am capable of so much more than I realized, that Chris’s heart for us is fierce and he can move mountains on very little sleep, that every little thing that she learns and does amazes us and our hearts are in a constant state of explosion, that in this room time transcends the real world and is actually passing us by and she’s growing up way faster than my brain can process. This room is everything that I hoped it would be and more not because of the things that fill it, but because it is the place where our most precious little babe rests her head and learns and grows and laughs and because it is filled with so much love.

Nursery for newborn of Molly of Kind Campaign

Molly of Kind Campaign and family

Thanks for sharing your perfectly peaceful nursery with us, Molly! If you haven’t already, click here to learn all about Molly and her nonprofit, Kind Campaign.

What’s your favorite part of this nursery tour?

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Photos: Brandon Kidd