Today Selena from Find Us Lost, is back with a brand new travel installment. This time she is sharing a travel diary from her trip to the popular European getaway of Gstaad, Switzerland. Check out all the photos and tips below (featuring the stunning Paper Crown Powell Jacket and Rio Grande Coat)…

Switzerland travel diary c/o Find Us Lost

Hi everyone! Selena from Find Us Lost here. I’ve been living in Europe for nine months now with my fiancé, after moving from Los Angeles last June. We recently traveled to a lesser known but incredible city—Brasov, Romania—and it made me fall in love with winter here! While spring officially sprung last week, I wanted to take a look back at our recent visit to Gstaad, Switzerland, a popular destination for a European getaway.

Since this was our first winter living abroad, taking trips to snowy mountain towns have been high priority for us. This time of year feels so different in Europe—there’s something magical about the quaint cobblestone streets, lit-up towns and the Swiss Alps in the snow.

We had the pleasure of staying at a local ski resort called Huus Gstaad and it was one for the books. Located in a valley with endless mountains and wood cabins, Gstaad’s winter ski scene is known for being upscale and trendy. We spent each day trying a different activity—sledding, skiing, even snowshoeing! I especially loved exploring the town of Gstaad, which is filled with cozy restaurants and beautiful shops.

Gstaad is definitely a splurge, but if you’re looking for something romantic and active this Swiss town cannot be beat. Check out our photos below…

Gstaad, Switzerland

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Brunch in Gstaad, Switzerland

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Traveling to Gstaad, Switzerland

Strolling through Switzerland

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Find Us Lost travels to Switzerland

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Overlooking Switzerland

Serena of Find Us Lost in Switzerland

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Switzerland travels featuring Paper Crown

Everyone should visit Switzerland at least once in their lifetime.

Don’t miss the Swiss fondue!

Where should we go now that it’s spring?

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Thank you, Selena from Find Us Lost for sharing your magical winter getaway with us!

XO Team LC

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