All the essentials for a perfectly stocked gym bag

Let’s face it. There’s a laundry list of more glamorous ways to spend an hour than sweating at the gym with dozens of strangers that possess zero respect for personal space. The accommodations are hardly ever ideal. And plus, there’s just, like, so much Netflix to watch. With endless excuses, it’s ultra important to have a perfectly packed ready-to-go gym bag in your car. Think of it as the good angel on your shoulder. She’s sitting right there, nudging you to go. And with that kind of pressure, there’s really no good excuse to derail your daily sweat session. Below, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet of items that I keep in my gym bag so that there’s nothing standing between me and my summer bod.

gym essentials courtesy of Anna James of Fash BoulevardGym bag: Merona (another option here) | Water Bottle: Pineapple Proper | Barre to Bar Beauty Set: Supergoop! (also here) | Shaker bottle: Ello | Brush: Goody | Running shoes: Nike | Headphones: Ankit Earbuds | Protein bar: The Gluten Free Bar | Sports bra: C9 Champion

Headphones: No sweat sesh is complete without a little motivational music. Plus, nothing will make you want Beyoncé blasting in your ears more than the awful grunting sounds radiating from Mr. Muscle and his merry gang of heavy-lifters. (Checkout our workout playlist here.)

Shaker Bottle: This bottle is a total game changer. Not only does it hold your water but it’s also a convenient way to mix up a protein shake after your workout.

Nonperishable Snacks: While a smoothie or green juice would be our post workout preference, some days we’re so busy a protein bar fits the bill to avoid a hunger induced blood sugar crash.

Freshen-up bag for after the gymMakeup Bag: Dogeared (more here) | Dry Shampoo: Oscar Blandi | Deodorant: Dove | Mascara: Butter London | Barre to Bar Beauty Set: Supergoop! (also here) | Makeup Wipes: Neutrogena | Face Wash: Kate Summerville

Makeup Bag: This is a great place to put all of those travel size freebie beauty products you receive. Stock your makeup bag with your beauty essentials like moisturizer, mascara, bb or cc cream, powder, lip balm, Band-Aids, feminine products, brush, hair ties, and sunscreen.

Deodorant: This is quite possibly the most essential of all the essentials. That is all.

Hand Sanitizer: As a member of germaphobes anonymous, or not so anonymous anymore, this is a personal post-gym ritual. After sharing machines and lifting communal weights, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Dry shampoo: Thank goodness we live in a time with dry shampoo. De-grease your post-workout mane in seconds with this magical product.

Makeup Wipes: Fight breakouts by wiping off your makeup before your workout but don’t forget to wipe it again after your sweat session.

All the essentials you need for the gymMonogrammed Water Bottle: Pineapple Proper | Running Shoes: Nike | Yoga Mat: Yoga Direct

Reusable Water Bottle: This one is as simple as it gets. Save money while hydrating and reducing waste. There’s nothing cute about filling our landfills with mounds of plastic. Improve our environment, while improving your health.

Yoga Mat: No matter how many times a gym promotes the sanitization of their equipment, nothing is ever a sure thing. Stay away from germy communal mats in class and bring your own.

Stylish gym findsTank: C9 Champion | Sports Bra: C9 Champion | Jacket: C9 Champion | Running Shoes: Nike | Leggings: C9 Champion

Spare Clothes: Not only should you have a set of clothes in your gym bag but you should also keep a second set for backups and unexpected post workout plans. You will never regret having another fresh outfit in your gym bag.

Socks: Don’t be forced to wear your running shoes without the comfort of socks. It’s never a pleasurable experience. Like, ever.

Towel: This is fundamental for patting your face dry, drying your hands or wiping down your yoga mat.

Baseball Cap: Not only will it hide sweaty hair when running errands after your workout, it also offers sun protection for outdoor workouts.

Anna James' gym essentials on

Don’t forget to clean your bag out at the end of the week to prevent germs and bacteria from festering. Give the inside a wipe down, wash your dirty clothes, and restock your post-workout protein snacks so that you start each week strong!

What are you must-have gym bag items?

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