See which fashion industry job is perfect for you by taking this quiz!
Here at the Team LC HQ, we’ve become well-versed in the way of fashion thanks to our Editor-in-Chief. With Lauren’s two clothing lines highlighted in a lot of what we do on, we’ve become as fluent as ever in the world of fashion and the many roles that it takes to make a clothing line a success. It may seem like a glamourous industry to break into, but the fashion industry is a vast world that goes beyond designing and handling clothing. Ever since Lauren gave her sage advice on the topic, our eyes have been opened to the many roles and responsibilities available in the industry… Spoiler alert: Not all of them require skills with a needle and thread.

Over the years we have received countless inquiries via emails, messages and comments on how to break into the fashion industry. Because our readers are so interested in pursuing careers that are fashion-related, today we thought it would be fun to put together a quiz that determines which fashion industry job might be right for you. Should you be a fashion designer? Or maybe a brand manager? Find out where your true fashion calling is below…

1. Your favorite designer just came out with a killer Fall 2017 collection. You:

A) Try your hand at recreating your favorite look from the collection.
B) Tell all your friends which look would look perfect on them.
C) Can’t wait until the store you work at receives a shipment of the entire collection.
D) Already have a full rundown of the collection on your fashion blog complete with your personal review.
E) Memorize the collection down to the accessories and give your girlfriends a detailed description at your next coffee date.

2. Your favorite social media platform is definitely:

A) Tumblr.
B) Pinterest.
C) Instagram.
D) Twitter.
E) Facebook.

3. Your favorite way to consume fashion and keep up with trends is:

A) Replay runway coverage until your eyes hurt.
B) Crack open your favorite magazine. You have stacks of them on your coffee table!
C) Peek around your go-to department store and see the trends in person.
D) Subscribing to multiple fashion blogs and websites.
E) You work in retail so you’re constantly seeing what’s new and fresh.

4. In your free time we can catch you:

A) Sketchbook in hand, enjoying a warm beverage in the park.
B) Standing waist-deep in treasure at my local flea market.
C) Reorganizing my closet – it’s time to make room for the new season!
D) Maintaining my blog – I love writing down my thoughts.
E) Tackling today’s to-do list. Days off should be productive too!

5. Your ideal career would include:

A) Being my own boss lady.
B) Anything that allows me to be hands-on.
C) Staging the perfect look or scene.
D) Behind the scenes and content creation are my jam.
E) Being the one to oversee a large project or delegate assignments.

6. You describe your personal style as:

A) Chic and comfortable – If it feels wrong, I won’t wear it.
B) A little bit of everything – I can’t be tied down!
C) Trendy but with my own personal flair.
D) Cool, calm and collected, with the occasional statement piece.
E) Preppy and put together – I’m always ready to make a good impression.

7. In your opinion, fashion should always be:

A) A reflection of your interests.
B) Personal.
C) Fun. It’s as simple as that.
D) A way to tell a story.
E) What you want to put out into the world.

Let’s see your results!

If you got…

Mostly A’s

Fashion Designer!
Whether you’re constantly daydreaming about creating the perfect look or jotting it down in your sketchbook, there’s no denying that you were made for this role. Don’t be afraid to burn the midnight oil in order to see your passion come to life.

Mostly B’s

You may not always be the one wearing the clothes, but you can put together a mean outfit like it’s no one’s business. Curating the perfect look is your forte and your friends deem you as their personal shopper.

Mostly C’s

Whether you got your start in retail or not, you have an eye for trends and know how sell them. There’s nothing you love more than picking products you know that consumers will absolutely love. We’ll call you the trendsetter.

Mostly D’s

Public Relations!
Being behind the scenes is just as important as being in the limelight. You are the driving force behind a brand’s image and have a way with communication. There’s plenty of room for creativity in this field so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra time writing on your blog or polishing up your Instagram.

Mostly E’s

Brand Management! You’re a natural leader and there isn’t a goal left incomplete on your to-do list. You would thrive as a brand manager, overseeing both product and business within the fashion industry. You are organized and business-oriented.

Do you agree with your results?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

XO Team LC

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Photos: Yoni Goldberg