Take this quiz to find your spring style

When it comes to fashion, spring takes the cake for us. We are beyond ready to store away our favorite sweaters and swap them out for shorter sleeves and floral frocks. While we do have classic pieces that are evergreen throughout the changing seasons, we can’t resist sneaking a few trendy pieces into our closets here and there. Since there have been so many pretty pieces floating around since Fashion Week, we thought it would be fun to create a quiz to help our readers integrate spring’s hottest trends into their own wardrobes. To find out which trends would go best with your own personal style, read through the following 10 questions and tally up your answers at the bottom. Now let’s find out what your spring style is…

1. Your ideal vacation looks like…

A) A romantic trip to the city of love – Paris.
B) Somewhere tropical complete with a coconut.
C) A city with rich history and plenty of museums to peruse.
D) A quaint seaside town with lots of good food and sweet sips.
E) Somewhere outdoors with adventure around every corner.

2. Your beauty routine usually consists of…

A) Rosie cheeks and a perfectly pink pout.
B) Winged eyeliner and a bright red lip.
C) Tinted moisturizer and a swipe of mascara is all I need.
D) Accentuating my brows and using a touch of highlighter.
E) I can live without makeup.

3. You can’t leave the house without…

A) A blush pink handbag with a rosette detail.
B) A bucket bag that holds just about everything.
C) My favorite designer handbag.
D) A tote bag that I carry to work and out on the town.
E) I’m not picky, as long as I’m wearing a bag that fits the necessities.

4. On date night we can find you…

A) Sipping on rosé in your favorite corner café next to your significant other.
B) Doing something fun like miniature golf or going to the fair.
C) Wine tasting with a view.
D) On a group date at the trendiest bar.
E) Getting your hands dirty or going on a long hike together.

5. Your biggest style icon is…

A) Audrey Hepburn.
B) Anna Wintour.
C) Coco Chanel.
D) Jackie O.
E) Twiggy.

6. When it comes to shoes your closet is full of…

A) Ballet flats with scalloped edges.
B) A white pair of Converse.
C) Mary Janes or ankle strap heels.
D) Faux suede slides or slip on oxfords.
E) A pair of ankle boots.

7. Your go-to drink is…

A) A pretty pink cosmopolitan.
B) A piña colada, especially on the beach.
C) A glass of your favorite wine.
D) A mint julep.
E) A good IPA.

8. Pick your favorite lip color…

A) Classic mauve.
B) Red please!
C) Lip balm counts, right?
D) A glossy pink.
E) A matte lipstick in a moody color.

9. Your favorite pair of jeans are

A) To be honest, dresses are more your thing.
B) If by jeans you mean a denim jacket, then yes.
C) Skinny jeans that fit you in all the right places.
D) A distressed pair of white denim.
E) High-waist black jeans.

10. When it comes to manicures you’re most likely to get…

A) A classic French manicure.
B) A bold shade of red.
C) White or blush pink.
D) Navy blue.
E) Something sparkly.

If you got…

Soft and feminine spring style

Mostly A’s

Your style is soft and feminine! True to the LC aesthetic, you love anything that comes in pastel hues and can catch a breeze. Midi skirts, flowy dress and romantic florals may be your best friends throughout the year, and springtime is no exception. This season we encourage you to embrace sheer fabrics, soft lace, and maybe even a hint of sparkle.

Bold and colorful spring style

Mostly B’s

Your style is bold and colorful! This season, bigger is better. Larger than life earrings and oversized bucket bags appearing on runways everywhere. Celebrate the start of spring with bold colors and graphic details. Go wild and experiment with fun accents and maybe even a pop of neon.

Modern and minimalistic spring style

Mostly C’s

Your style is modern and minimalistic! Wild prints and bright colors aren’t exactly your thing, but you can sure rock an monochromatic outfit like it’s nobody’s business! The runways have shown that working girl fashion is in, so be on the lookout for clean silhouettes and a hint of menswear.

Classic and preppy spring style

Mostly D’s

Your style is classic and preppy! Your style is timeless and polished and you’re always on the hunt for investment pieces. Luckily for you, this season’s runways featured a plethora of white and preppy stripes. Look for blouses and dresses with statement sleeves that add a little interest to an otherwise classic look.

Edgy and offbeat spring style

Mostly E’s

Your style is edgy and offbeat! You aren’t afraid to be on the daring side with your style, so why not mix it up this season? Metallics are having a major moment so we recommend playing with patterns and textures. Why not even pair a shimmery midi skirt with a graphic tee? You’ll be right on trend.

How accurate were your results?

Let us know which style suits you best in the comments!

XO Team LC

Photos: Yoni Goldberg, Steve Erle/Kohl’s