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How to design beautiful engagement rings like our favorites from James Allen

If you read Lauren’s editor’s letter yesterday, then you know that we’ve dubbed this month Fall in Love February here on Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, we just can’t help ourselves—we gravitate toward the color blush, we have a soft spot for all things heart-shaped, and we are truly hopeless romantics when it comes down to it. But our favorite love-related topic of all has to be engagement rings. And with many of you soon-to-be-engaged ladies gearing up for a possible proposal this time of year, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks for designing the ring of your dreams with our go-to ring retailer, James Allen.

There are a lot of reasons to opt to design your own engagement ring. Aspects like the cut of your center stone or the number of prongs on your setting might seem like subtle differences at first, but they can mean the difference between a ring that is nice but not made for you, and your absolute dream ring that is perfectly suited to your style.

The first thing to know is that designing an engagement ring is a lot easier (and also more affordable) than you might think. Whether you prefer to browse through their selection of ready-made rings or design your own from scratch, you can find the ring you always dreamed of at (an online engagement ring store you’re probably heard us mention on the site before). With James Allen’s Design Your Own Engagement Ring feature, you start by choosing the overall setting that speaks to you the most, with options ranging from solitaire to side stone to halo. After that, you opt for a metal, deciding if rose gold or yellow gold or platinum is more your style. Then, you can nail down other details ranging from thickness of the band to the exact setting. Finally, you select your center stone, adjusting the Four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) to your liking.

The prettiest engagement rings from James Allen

To inspire you to take the plunge and design your own ring with James Allen, here are a few design elements you can choose from when you’re customizing your ring…

Different Metals (Yellow Gold or Rose Gold)

Choosing which metal to go with can mean the difference between a classic look (like white gold or platinum) and a more contemporary one (like rose gold or yellow). 

Choosing your metal | Yellow gold and rose gold James Allen engagement rings

James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center) | James Allen 14K Rose Gold Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center)

Intertwined Bands with Different Diamond Shapes (Round or Cushion)

Most ladies have a strong preference when it comes to the shape of their stone, and it’s easy to see why. Even with the same setting, the shape of the center diamond can change the whole look of the ring.

Intertwined band engagement rings by James Allen

James Allen 14K Rose Gold Pave Rope Engagement Ring

Different Gemstones as Accents

Up for adding a pop of color to your engagement ring? Choose a hue you wear a lot of or a gemstone that has special meaning to you (i.e. your own birthstone or your partner’s).

Gemstone accents with James Allen engagement rings

James Allen 14K White Golf Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring | James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring | James Allen 14K White Gold Three Stone Round Emerald Engagement Ring

Pave with Different Diamond Shapes (Marquise or Oval)

Especially with a simple pave setting, the shape of your center stone will stand out and make a statement. Marquise and oval cut stones are two options you don’t see as often that we are quite smitten with.

Oval and marquise pave engagement rings by James Allen

James Allen 14K Rose Gold Thin French-Cut Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring | James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Thin French-Cut Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Different Halo Shapes

Halo settings are one recent trend that isn’t going away any time soon. But even if you know you love a halo ring (which has the effect of accentuating your center stone and making it look larger), there are several settings to choose from.

Different halo shape engagement rings by James Allen

James Allen 14K White Gold Cushion Outline Pave Engagement Ring | James Allen 14K Rose Gold Falling Edge Pave Diamond Engagement Ring | James Allen 14K White Gold Pave Halo and Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)

We love James Allen’s website because it walks you through this entire step-by-step design process, with lots of visuals along the way. You get to review what your final ring will look like from every angle, and the ability to tweak all the design elements also means you have more control over the price and can adjust your ring to make sure it fits within your budget. Of course since James Allen is online, their prices are up to 50 percent lower than traditional retailers no matter what.

Happy ring shopping, everyone… With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, we expect to hear a few sweet engagement stories come this time next week!

Would you ever design your own ring? What would it look like?

Let us know in the comments below.

XO Team LC

P.S. Still wondering where to start? This fun little quiz will help you decide on your diamond ring style… (And if you complete it, James Allen will email you a promo code for $100 off your first purchase!)

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  • Melody

    I LOVEEE James Allen, highly recommend! 24/7 chat/customer service with friendly helpful staff, free diamond upgrade (must be doubled or higher), fast free shipping, free ring engraving, free returns, and the best selection of rose gold rings! I spent weeks picking/designing the ring of my dreams, and I was so impressed with James Allen, loved the experience! So much better than dealing with snobby jewelry stores! And so many beautiful rings and diamonds in EVERYONE’S budget, check it out!

  • Eden

    Wow, I seriously don’t know what ring I would choose. They are all so pretty! Love that you can design your own but I would probably go with one of the halo rings.

  • These are all so pretty! I’d love just a simple princess cut diamond on a yellow band 🙂

    xx, Hannah

  • Alicia

    I created my own engagement ring and absolutely adored the outcome! I enjoyed the process because I got t
    out pick out every detail of my ring and truly made it unique. I also enjoyed the process because my fiancé got to be apart of the designing as well. All of the appointments we went to that lead to the creation of a ring were intimate and special because it was something that we did together! We went to Ethan Lord on Jeweler’s Row in Chicago, Illinois and will be going back there to create our wedding bands!

  • Jessica

    Omg these are beautiful!! I’ve always been a fan of the halo styles, but who knows, if I created my own maybe I’d get even more creative with it!

  • Jenny B.

    LOVE these rings!! I am obsessed with those halo rings. Can’t wait until I can design my own one day!! xoxo J

  • Jillian H.

    I also designed my own engagement ring with my fiance and it was such a good experience! It made it feel so special when I received that ring because we had picked out the details together, and it felt so uniquely “me”. These rings are SO gorgeous, it makes me want to do it all over again!

  • Leah Kauffman

    Wow! Love!

  • Kari Guastella

    What a beautiful selection!