Taking a work trip soon? This post from the Paper Crown team is a must-read for all of our working professionals out there…

What to pack for a business trip

So you’re traveling on business soon? How exciting! Whether you’ve traveled as part of your job before or are about to take off for the first time, your days will likely be filled with running around from meeting to meeting. With a filled calendar, packing appropriately for each occasion can be a challenge… especially when trying to abide by today’s airline requirements. At Paper Crown we are traveling almost every week (often with a full suitcase of samples in tow!), so learning how to be a light packer is a must. We’re currently gearing up to head to New York for the Coterie trade show, so packing is definitely on the mind. Keep reading to see some tips straight from the Paper Crown team on how to pack for your business trip like a pro (featuring pieces from our upcoming Fall 2017 collection!)…

Tip No. 1: Plan Out Your Outfit Schedule

One great thing about traveling for work is that you likely aren’t going to be meeting with the same people every day, which means you can rework the same styles multiple days in a row. Have a jacket that you love? Wear it over a different top the next day! Repurposing bulkier items like coats, sweaters, and shoes are necessary for saving space. Take time to review your calendar to see what items you can wear to multiple meetings to prevent yourself from bringing too many items in one category. We’ve been known to actually write out what we plan on wearing in our agendas. You’ll be surprised just how much you can cut back.

Business professional's guide to packing for a work trip

Packing neutrals will give you the most versatility in your styling. Select a cozy jacket that can be worn in a professional setting while also keeping you warm while you get from place to place.

Tip No. 2: Wear Those Bulky Items on the Plane

Paper Crown is based in Los Angeles so we typically don’t need to wear heavy winter jackets when we’re at home. But since we travel to New York a lot, we can’t say the same about when we land! Even though you might not need a heavy jacket at your origin, carrying it on to the plane will save a ton of space in your luggage. While flight attendants typically tell you to keep jackets under the seat in front of you, there is normally room to squeeze a coat into the overhead bins right before takeoff.

Paper Crown's tips to packing like a pro

Layer the jacket from our last image with this top for a day to night look! We recommend packing a pair of black booties in addition to flats.

Tip No. 3: Lay Your Clothing Flat in Your Suitcase

We’re sure you’ve read articles in the past with all sorts of different ways that you can fold your clothing to maximize space. But after years of packing an entire season of samples over and over again, we’re certain ours is the best method. Whether it’s a top, dress, jacket or pants, lay everything flat across the bottom of your suitcase, only folding when necessary. Give it a try… We know you won’t regret it!

Chic pieces for a business trip

A traveling outfit has never looked so chic! Pack a neutral sweater and a comfy pair of joggers for a comfy, yet stylish look.

Tip No. 4: Stock Up on Snacks!

Staying healthy and energized is key to a successful trip. Before heading to the airport we recommend stocking up on some healthy but tasty snacks that will keep you going when you’re running around in between meetings. After all, there is nothing worse than an awkward mid-meeting stomach growl. Some of our favorites that fit easily in any size bag are World Peas Fava Crisps (packed with protein!) and Elemental Superfood Seedbars (the dark chocolate peanut butter tastes like dessert!).

With the right amount of planning, anyone can become a packing pro. We’ve all had moments of not wanting to leave our cherished pink coat or boots behind, but we promise they’ll be waiting for you when you return.

Do you have any business trips coming up?

Be sure to stay tuned for a Photo Diary on our experience at Coterie… and we hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at our Fall 2017 collection!


Paper Crown Team

Photos: Sarah Noel