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The best way to register for wedding gifts through Zola

Congratulations to all the happy couples who got engaged over the holidays! We know there are quite a few of you out there who are still basking in the excitement of the brand new ring on your finger. But whether you just got engaged last month or are already knee-deep in wedding planning, this is one of those posts you’re going to want to bookmark. If you’ve talked to anyone else who has already gone through the planning process, they will probably tell you that registering for gifts is simultaneously the most fun and the most stressful step there is. On one hand, it’s a dream to get to compile a wish list of gifts for your new home together. But it’s also incredibly confusing if you’re not sure exactly what you need and how many gifts to have on your registry. Luckily, today we are sharing a few little tricks to help you answer those questions…

How to register for your wedding using Zola

Our number one tip for a fun and stress-free registry is a little thing called Zola (which you may have heard us talk about on the blog before!). Zola is a universal wedding registry website (and app) with features like group gifting, popular gift suggestions, control shipping, experiences, and cash/honeymoon funds. If you already know exactly what you want, Zola will simply streamline the process of creating a wedding registry and give you everything you need in one place. But if you literally have no idea where to begin (which trust us—is totally normal!), Zola will hold your hand every step of the way. Gone are the days of going around in a department store scanning crystal ice buckets and fine china you’ll never use. With Zola, registering for gifts is a fun experience that you can customize to suit your personality as a couple.

How to use the Zola Wedding Registry

Once you’ve signed up for Zola, determining how many gifts you need to register for at various price points is a good place to start. Zola’s Registry Planner tool will help answer that question…

The Wedding Registry Formula

Zola Wedding Registry Formula on

With Zola there is no need to get out a calculator or struggle with a spreadsheet. So if numbers aren’t your strong suit, have no fear… Zola’s Registry Planner tool will do all the math for you. Once you enter your number of guests, Zola will tell you exactly how many gifts are recommended at each price range, and keep track of how many you have left to go as you add items. The formula is based on an average gift price of $100, which is generally a safe bet.

If you want to make sure you have a wide range of types of gifts to suit every guest on your list, here are some guidelines to keep in mind…

Family Friends, Parents’ Friends, Aunts, Uncles

These are the guests on your list that will want to gift classic items—think fancy kitchen appliances and the like. After they shop your registry you might just be the proud owner of a brand new blender, a sturdy set of cast iron cookware, or that stunning stand mixer you’ve had your eye on! Check out Zola’s Registry Essentials section for some suggestions.

Grandparents and Their Friends

A set of fine china might seem like an outdated cliché when it comes to wedding registries. But before you rule out that entire category of gifts, keep in mind that your grandparents’ generation will feel the most comfortable gifting you with these traditional items that they received back when they got married. If your starter home’s cupboards have no space to store china, consider other smaller and more practical items like a nice set of flatware, a fancy picture frame, a beautiful serving dish, or a nice set of wine glasses.

Your Besties

Your friends and peers probably know the most about you as a couple and know what items you will actually use. This group will love to gift you experiences, the latest tech items, smaller boutique brands, and fund your honeymoon. Zola’s Unique Gifts list and Fun & Adventure list are some great places to start.

Married Friends

Friends who had recently been through this themselves will want to gift you the items they registered for and now can’t live without! These friends will be in the know when it comes to items you never knew you needed. It couldn’t hurt to consult them (or consult Zola’s Registries We Love section!) when you are putting your own registry together.

How to get the most out of your Zola registry

No matter what, remember to just have fun with it. Now is not the time to be shy! You don’t have to be hesitant to register for a few big-ticket items (hello, copper-hued Vitamix blender…) regardless of the number of guests invited, since Zola has a group gifting feature. We always recommend registering for too many gifts rather than not having enough on there. This gives your guests plenty of options and lowers the chances that people will get you random off-registry items you won’t use. If you have a small space and feel overwhelmed by the amount of gifts you need to register for, that is where Zola’s experience and honeymoon & cash fund features come in.

Our favorite wedding registry service, Zola

How to build the perfect wedding registry with Zola

Are you ready to get started? Zola has a special offer for our engaged reader. When you use this link to set up a registry on Zola, you will get a $50 Zola credit when you receive $500 in gifts!

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