The most effective workouts for your body type, and more tips from our trainer

When it comes to blogging about working out, we’ve covered a world of topics here on From abs challenges to booty workouts to pregnancy exercises, we like to think that there’s something for every type of reader who comes to our Get Fit section of the site. And today, we’re continuing with that theme by showing you what the best workout is for your body type…

We’ve enlisted our resident fitness expert and favorite personal trainer, Dr. Hunter Vincent, to give his two cents on this topic. What it comes down to, Hunter explains, is that you can actually do whatever workout you want, regardless of what body type you are “classified” as (endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph). Your body type shouldn’t deter them from trying a specific type of exercise, and in fact, you should try as many as you like in order to stay in shape and switch things up on your muscles.

Now, that being said, the initial idea behind these body types, or “somatotypes,” was done to try and classify human body types and then draw correlations with their different psychological characteristics. Hunter says it’s important that we take these different body types with a grain of salt, because the somatotype theory is again, a theory. When it comes to exercise and people, it’s nearly impossible to put everything in a black and white box!

All of that aside, according to the somatotype classification theory, each body type has different physical activities they may be good at, or struggle with. Here’s what Hunter says about the three body types…

Ectomorphs Should Try… Weight Lifting and Plyometrics
If you are tall and lean, you can probably classify yourself as an ectomorph, Hunter says, and you may find more aerobic exercises like running or marathons to be right for you. Ectomorphs also benefit from lifting weights and plyometric activities to create a more balanced fitness level.

Mesomorphs Should Try… Yoga & Pilates
Are you an athlete? If you tend to describe your body as athletic and muscular, then you’re probably a mesomorph, Hunter explains. But they may benefit more from activities that focus on range of motion and body awareness such as Pilates and yoga.

Endomorphs Should Try… Spinning, Hiking & Swimming
Endomorphs are classified as bodies that are naturally shorter and rounder with less muscle definition (stereotypically). It could be beneficial for this body type to focus on cardiovascular exercise like spinning, hiking, jogging and swimming.

Pretty interesting, right?

Overall, no matter what you believe in terms of somatotypes or the workout you should be doing, Hunter recommends keeping these important tips in mind when choosing your workout:

1. Find what you like.
Although you may have a specific body type, that doesn’t mean you can’t do all types of activities, and that doesn’t mean you can’t be good at many different activities. Try as many activities as you like until you find the one you love best and that works for you. Then, try to stick with it. The best “body type” is one that’s healthy and happy, and that means keeping your health and fitness a priority.

2. Switch things up.
It is always beneficial to incorporate activities into your workout routine that you may not be good at, says Hunter. This helps to keep a balanced and well-rounded fitness level. So, if you have been doing yoga for years and it’s something you feel you are comfortable with, going outside your comfort zone and trying a spin class every once in a while can be great for your body, physically and mentally. Find a routine that works, but don’t let it get stale!

3. Don’t push too hard.
When trying new activities that may be challenging or new for your body, always work within your physical limitations, says Hunter. Don’t overdo it! Injury is the quickest way to be bad at all types of activity, so only push yourself as far as you feel comfortable.

What’s your favorite workout? Are there any workouts you are dying to try this year?

Let us know in the comments below. And thanks again to Hunter for contributing his expert tips to this post!

XO Team LC

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