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Welcome to the New Year everybody! 2017 feels like a brand new start, so let’s vow to make this year our best yet. I know that my editors and I have big plans for and we’re so excited to continue sharing fun and fresh content with you each and every month. In true January fashion, health and wellness will be a hot topic. After all, a successful year starts with making goals to last you throughout the next 12 months. But that’s not all we have in store for you…

If you haven’t already read the post, I’m kicking off this month with a brand new Jumpstart January plan. This looks a little different than previous years’ diet and fitness plans—this month I will be proposing a weekly challenge every Monday. From cutting out sugar to reaching your step goal, these simple challenges are designed for you to succeed and see personal progress. To find out more, click here. In addition to my new Jumpstart January plan, my team and I are committing to cook more in our own kitchens. Be prepared to find delicious healthy recipes and detox recommendations on the blog this month! Don’t think that I forgot about the fashion lovers out there. I have another Kohl’s collection and giveaway coming your way, as well as a sneak peek of my Spring 2017 Paper Crown collection. As for the beauty babes reading this, my editors are sharing their favorite face and hair masks as well as a beauty tip that we just can’t live without. You’ll have to wait and see what it is though!

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