Read Lauren Conrad's tips on how to weatherproof your accessories

The holidays may be long gone but winter is still in full effect. It’s easy to forget that spring is still months away, especially when we don’t get much change in the weather down here in Southern California. For those of you braving intense winter weather across the country, you know how it can take a toll on your skin, hair and even your workout routine. Unfortunately extreme weather can also wear out your favorite accessories. Leather boots and bags are no match for constant moisture like rain and snow. If you’re hesitant to wear your favorite pieces this time of year, I have a few simple remedies that will keep your leather goods looking brand new for months to come. Here’s what I found…

Wax works wonders.

Since wax is thicker than most leather polishes, it seals out moisture more effectively. One at-home remedy that I discovered is rubbing a thin layer of unscented candlewax on your boots and activating the wax with a warm blow dryer. You can also opt to mix melted beeswax with mineral oil and apply directly onto items that you want to waterproof. If that sounds too complicated, I would shop around for all-natural leather conditioners like this one.

Spray is OK.

While using wax is a simple way to weatherproof your boots, you’re going to want to choose a gentle waterproof spray for your handbags. Weather conditioning sprays like this one and this one aren’t harsh on your favorite bags and will keep them in tip-top shape without changing their color. After all, you don’t want to ruin any of your investment pieces!

When in doubt, don’t wear it out.

The best way to keep your bags and boots shining is rotate them out more frequently. Choose to leave your favorite handbags at home if it’s raining outside or plan ahead by keeping them concealed under your jacket or umbrella. As far as boots go, I suggest investing in a trusty pair of rain or snow boots.

How do you weatherproof your favorite accessories?

Let me know your tips in the comments!

XO Lauren

  • Ballets&Bows

    This is a post I definitely needed to read. When you live in a tropical climate like Florida – you need the best tips and tricks to help prolong the lives of your investment pieces!

  • Nikki Laraja

    Great post, I would love if you followed it with a how to care for non-leather shoes, with velvet being a such a hot trend right now, how do we care for our velvet shoes/ boots?!

    • Salina

      Rust-Oleum NeverWet. Works wonders 🙂

  • Samantha Lee

    With this constant rain in LA, I needed this! Where’s the sunshine?! :,(

  • Leah Kauffman

    Good tips!

  • It’s so easy to forget the effect the weather has on your bags as they keep your possessions dry. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Jaz xoxo

  • This post is really important! Thanks for sharing 😀 I’d like to make my bag or shoes not only weatherproof but also waterproof with some spray…

  • Loving these great tips, especially since it’s been raining so much in LA these past few days <3 Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Jessica

    This post was heaven sent, since I’m not a big shoe person the shoes I do buy I like to make them last as long as possible can these tips also apply to protecting your boots from scuff marks as well?

  • Love this! I definitely need to weatherproof my bags and riding boots!


  • I never knew there were ways to waterproof your handbags! Living in Vegas we don’t get a lot of rain but when we do, I just leave my best pieces at home.

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