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It’s hard to believe that we’re already three weeks into the New Year! So far January has been a productive one around Team LC headquarters and we’re just getting started. We’re beginning week three of our Jumpstart January challenges on a high note after completing the first two. So far we’ve made it to the gym five days a week as well as cutting out all alcoholic beverages! While we may be a little bit sore after using muscles that we forgot we had we’re ready to tackle challenge number three with a strong body and an even stronger mind. If you’re finding yourself wanting to slip into bad habits, invite a friend to complete these challenges with you. That way you’ll both be held accountable and twice as likely to succeed! So, what do we have in store this week?

Week 1: Work out 5 days a week
Week 2: Say sayonara to alcohol
Week 3: Nix processed foods and refined sugar
Week 4: Lights out by 11p.m.
Week 5: Take 10,000 steps a day for a solid week

You read that correctly—this week we’re cutting out all processed foods and white sugar. Uh oh! This challenge may seem daunting but it is absolutely doable. By cutting out processed foods and white sugar you’re doing your body a huge favor. Imagine having more energy, feeling less bloated, and having a clear mind to tackle each day. Now that’s something we can jump on board with!

Nixing processed foods and refined sugar means paying more attention to the food that you’re putting into your body. Refined sugars are tricky—they’re hidden in foods that you may have otherwise thought were “healthy.” Like dried fruit or even ketchup. That being said, this week we’re saying goodbye to everything from Starbucks to pasta and even unexpected food products like sauces. So, how do you avoid tricky processed foods and white sugars? We highly recommend making a trip to your local health food store or farmer’s market, and cooking as much as possible. And if you’re ever in doubt, check the label.

To help you stay on track, meal planning is going to be your best friend. You may have to block out an evening to prepare food for the week but the pros vastly outweigh the cons. By preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for yourself ahead of time, you’ll be less tempted to cheat throughout the week. We promise that it’s well worth it!

If you’re still finding yourself fighting with your sugar cravings, here are some previous posts on how we kicked ours to the curb:

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This week may be a bit more challenging than the previous two, but we’re confident that we can all make week three a success!

Will you be taking our Jumpstart January challenge number three with us? And are you still keeping up the healthy habits you set in week 1 and 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

XO Team LC

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