Take a first look at Lauren's newest collab with Disney

Well ladies, the cat is out of the bag! Over the past month I’ve been dropping hints about my latest collaboration with Disney, and your guesses have definitely been keeping me entertained. While you all had some great ideas on who the next collection would be centered around, and last week I finally revealed what you had all been waiting for. Say hello to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a collection by LC Lauren Conrad.

This collection could not be more perfect for the wonderful fall weather we’ve been having. From cozy sweaters to keep you bundled up to tulle skirts and lace blouses, there’s something for everyone. When my Kohl’s team and I were creating this collection we were most inspired by Snow White’s iconic apple and adorable woodland friends. Because of that you’ll find fall foliage, rich hues, and a touch of princess sparkle throughout every piece. What could be better during the current season?

Since I’m so excited about the release of my latest Disney collaboration, I’ve decided to do a little giveaway. If you want to incorporate a little Disney and LC Lauren Conrad magic into your own closet, keep scrolling to find out how you can win a $100 gift card to your nearest Kohl’s.

Lauren Conrad's newest collaboration with Disney

Lauren Conrad x Snow White collab for Kohl's

Tulle Fit & Flare Dress, $51
Strappy Ballet Flats, $34.99

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's - Snow White Collection

Take a look at Lauren's newest collab with Disney for Kohl's

Peasant Top, $36
Knit Skinny Pants, $44

This was one of my favorite collections to shoot! It was so much fun creating a Snow White inspired backdrop for all of these pretty pieces.

a sneak peek at the details of Lauren Conrad's latest collaboration with Disney

My design team and I were smitten with all things apple and woodland creatures. I love how the design process takes you from rough beginnings (like sketches and finalizing fabrics) all the way to the wearable final product. Now let’s get to that giveaway…

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow LC Lauren Conrad on Instagram. If you haven’t already, follow my LC Lauren Conrad account on Instagram. That way you can stay up to date on my latest Kohl’s collections, and even go behind the scenes at my Kohl’s photo shoots.
  2. Leave a comment. Comment below telling me which piece from my Snow White collection you like the best. Be sure to leave your Twitter or Instagram handle so that we can contact you if you win.
  3. Wait! I will announce the lucky winner in one week on Thursday, November 17th.

Which one of these pieces is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

XO Lauren

terms and conditions
-you must be following lc lauren conrad on instagram to be eligible.
-this contest is open to us residents only. sorry international fans!
-winners will be contacted via comments and twitter or instagram.
-if our team does not hear from you within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected in your place.
-limit one comment per entry. multiple comment entries will not be considered.
-this giveaway ends at midnight on wednesday, november 16th.
-this is not a sponsored giveaway in any way.
Photos: Steve Erle/Kohl’s
  • Kelly

    The Snow White collection is adorable! I really like the peasant top and knit skinny pants to make a great fall outfit. Insta @kellymuller11

  • Ash

    Gorgeous! What lip color are you wearing in this shoot? It’s to die for!

  • Iesha Doane

    I love the collection it’s very creative and inspiring! My favorite pieces are the ballet strap flats and peasant top. @ieshadoane

  • Talisha

    I love this collection! My favorite things are the Knit Skinny Pants and Peasant top!! @talishagalaviz 🙂

  • I am loving these romantic patterns! So pretty!

    xoxo Mollie

  • Beth

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress! Though it has a fresh look to it, I think it can easily be paired with a tweed jacket and booties for a perfect fall outfit!
    Instagram: @betita2990

  • Cyndel Koopmann

    OMG I am absolutely loving the tulle fit and flare dress! The whole collection looks super adorable and feminine!
    Instagram: kooper23hawks

  • Brittany Smith

    The tulle fit and flare dress is right up my alley! Love the top! Instagram – @itsybittythings

  • The collection is looking too cute, can’t wait to see the rest.
    || D I A N A ||

  • Kayley Potter

    The Tulle Fit & Flare dress would be perfect for date night! @kbear1118

  • Abbie

    The tulle fit and flare dress! Instagram: abbiehsmith

  • Kendall

    That beautiful dress! I am loving these Disney inspired lines!! @KendallKnaak

  • Bella Gomez

    The tulle fit and flare is something I’m definitely going to get whether I win or not it will be perfect for my Disney inspired engagement photos!
    Twitter- Sweettexanbg
    Instagram- bellag27

  • I am in LOVE with the Tulle Fit & Flare Dress! It looks so great on you and the fit and flare is great for all body shapes! I’m so glad you chose this style and print! @stephanie7814 https://www.instagram.com/stephanie7814/

  • Courtney Tran

    The tulle fit & flare dress!!!! I love love love it!!!! @thecourtneysan

  • Jewell Ray

    I am absolutely LOVING the tulle fit and flare dress! But I also love the peasant top and knit skinny pants. I just love it all! ??? So cute! @jewellmags1427 for Twitter and Instagram

  • Lydia Mock

    I LOVE the tulle fit and flare dress!!! It is so beautiful!
    @ lydiammock for Instagram

  • Michelle Cinciripino

    Loving the tulle fit and flare dress! I am obsessed!!!!! ?? @mmcincir

  • TriggyLA

    The peasant top is so pretty.

  • Amanda

    I love love the peasant top! It looks so comfy and airy! Would be an awesome holiday piece ? @mandahlee on instagram

  • Samantha Bares

    Love all the pieces, but if I had to choose only one, I love love love the peasant top! So pretty. @bankstonbares on Instagram

  • Bethany Richardson

    I’m liking the Swiss Dot Tulle Skirt in red! @bethrichy

  • Staci Fleming

    I really like the Tulle Fit and Flare dress! Also I really like the peasant top!
    Insta- beycii2015
    Twitter- beycii

  • Lindsey Evans

    Dying to get my hands on those strappy ballet flats!

  • Becca Anne

    I am absolutely in love with the Swiss Dot Tulle Skirt (in Frosted Almond) in your new Snow White collection, it is positively dreamy!

    Twitter – @becks_forshort

  • Kimberly L

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress with the sheer overlay. It’s perfect for all this warm fall weather we are having in Southern California!
    Instagram: kimmarie.16

  • Christine Dees

    I love the peasant shirt and skinny pants! Gorgeous outfit for so many different occasions!

  • Brooke Brink

    I love the Snow White collection, so cute!! The woodland creatures are the best!
    The fit and flare dress is adorable!

  • Taylor

    Loving this entire collection! My fav is definitely the Fit & Flare Dress!!
    Twitter: @taylorhosey1
    Instagram: @taylorhosey1

  • Sarah

    Loving it all! That ivory dress is adorable!

  • Shirley

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress.! Even though the collection looks amazing.!
    Insta: loveesstephyy

  • Kerey Jawin

    I love the adorable top with the birds, small touches of bold red (holidays are coming TOO!) and the black pants. Great staple to any wardrobe!
    Instagram: kereyspov

  • Steph

    I love those strappy shoes, I could wear them everyday and all the prints! Insta: st3b8os

  • JoAnna Constantine

    The tulle fit and flare dress is so great! I love all your collections and your style. Thanks for bringing it to Kohls.
    Instagram: lilconstantine

  • samanthakoutny

    Disney’s Snow White A Collection by LC Lauren Conrad Open-Knit Sweater – Women’s
    this shirt seems so flattering and i absoutely love the design!!!

  • Katherine Pereira

    I love the Tulle Fit & Flare Dress in Critter Peach! It’s one of those pieces that you can’t help but dance in. I would pair it with booties and a leather jacket. Instagram – @katipereira2

  • Elizabeth Lovell

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress ! It’s perfect! “Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine” -Snow White ♥️?? Instagram @elovell0630

  • Stephany Guzman

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress! I cannot wait to buy it at my local kohls ! ?
    Instagram: stephaninys

  • Sarah

    I love that peasant top.
    twitter: @grubsette

  • ooh i love the peasant top! Such a great print! My instagram is asequinloveaffair

  • I adore the lace hem tunic in oatmeal and the apple black pheasant top, absolute must haves!! 🙂

    instagram: hey_autumn

  • Hannah

    I’m in love with the strappy ballet flats!! CUTE AND CHIC OMG ??❤️ I’m @aninspiredsoul.tiu on instagram!

  • Madison

    I love the Tulle Fit and Flare Dress!! It’s absolutely stunning. ?
    @madieegee on Twitter and Instagram!

  • Tina

    LOVE the dress!! I’m oshiotan on instagram and tinatheory on Twitter!

  • Kari Guastella

    What a pretty dress! So playful!

  • Casey

    The best skinny pants for work! @casemeister IG @casemeisterco Twitter

  • Nikki

    The strappy ballet flats !! [email protected]_mk

    • Nikki

      @thenicon on Twitter!

  • Norma Granados

    I fell in love with the floral tulle skirt and the dress pictured above, they are both my favorite!
    Instagram: beyoutifullsoul

  • Lauren Maurer

    The peasant top with the branches is such a great feminine piece. I love the overall focus of nature in the collection. It’s such a great idea. I would love to update my wardrobe with this piece. @maurermiss

  • Virginia Poole

    Love the high/low black tulle dress. So pretty! @gia103179

  • Maggie McGlynn

    Love the strappy ballet flats – instagram @m_cadence

  • MariTess Cornelius

    What a beautiful and unique collection!! I love Disney! My favorites are the Snow White tulle dress in critter mole and enchanted black! ig: @mmaritesss

  • Sara Arcuri

    My favorite would definitely have to be the tulle fit and flare dress! So cute!!
    Twitter: @saraarcuri

  • Natalie Gossett

    I love the peasant top!! Great for work or play. Insta @fabulousnatalie

  • Megan Wood

    I absolutely love the tulle fit and flare dress because I love all things tulle and Disney 🙂

  • Ebony Cvirn

    Peasant top has my vote! You’ll find me in black most of the time and the beauitful patterns on this doll it up just perfectly! @ebonycvirn (twitter) ?

  • Victoria

    The tulle fit and flare dress is gorgeous. @victoriapowers

  • Victoria Tormozov

    I loveeee the Tulle fit & flare dress! It is made beautifully; to bring out the princess in every girl ?? @vityusa

  • Katie Jo

    Love the tulle fit and flare dress!!!! Insta: katie_jo5

  • Carolina Hinson

    I just bought the grey lace hem sweatshirt, and I’m in love!!! ❤
    super soft and comfortable too!! Insta: @carolinahinson

  • Erika Scott

    I love the colors in the peasant top!
    Instagram: @frightenedmanatee

  • Val

    I love the peasant top in apple black – so cute… so classy! Can’t wait to find it at my local Kohl’s! Instagram @valseidel

  • What a cute collection! The fit and flare dress is darling!

  • Cristina

    My favorite piece from this collection is the lace peasant top. The top is so timeless and sweet-just like Snow White herself! ?

    Twitter: @timelesoptimist

    Instagram: @timelessoptimist

  • Lulu

    I love the peasant top!

    Twitter & instagram handle: @stonehenge101

  • Sara

    Can’t decide what is mt favorite. So excited about this! Love the peasant top and strappy flats!

  • Shelby

    I absolutely adore the tulle fit and flare dress and the fabric with woodland animals is beyond precious! Instagram: shelbyshort19

  • Katrina

    This collection is beaitiful. Love the peasant top and the ballet flats!
    Twitter: @__kangela

  • Loving this Snow-White-inspired collection <3 So pretty and feminine! My favorite has got to be that floral dress!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Sue-Ann Marleaux

    I love this Snow White Inspired Collection! The Tulle Fit and Flare dress with Black Ballet flats will have me whistle while I work and counting the days until my next Disney adventure! Instagram: @jewell_sueann

  • Kelly

    I love the tulle fit and flare dress! Instagram @kellyte

  • Karley

    I absolutely adore the peasant top and the strappy ballet flats! Awesome collection.

    Instagram: @karleyedwards

  • Kendyl

    I absolutely adore the tulle fit&flare dress. It’s one of those dresses that I think would work for fall and spring, and it has such a nice cut! Incredible collection!
    Instagram: @rkendylb

  • What perfect timing for my trip to Disney! I haven’t been in years and I will be treating my best friend for her 25th birthday. I would love to wear the Enchanted Garden Lace Hem Tunic while I am there 🙂 Instagram & twitter: @macyvolpe

  • Lauren h

    Would love to wear the Enchanted Garden Lace Hem Tunic in my upcoming to trip to Prague!
    Instagram: laurahoww

  • Courtney Jo Miller

    In LOVE with the print on that fit and flare dress. Also, you can never go wrong with adding a little tulle! I have to have it! @Cojo9

  • Loric

    Love the lace peasant top! So beautiful and elegant. @loricavanessian

  • Mariah Vanevenhoven

    The Tulle Fit & Flare Dress! I’m in love!
    Instagram: @mariahkvan

  • Michele Nichols

    I love the Tulle Fit & Flare Dress, especially in the critter mole print. I love woodland print. So perfect for a date night in Fall. The collection is a wodnerful nod to snow white without looking like you shopped in the children’s department. Very fantastical yet chic. @MovieMemoirs

  • Courtney K

    I love the tulle fit and flare! I love all of your clothes I have so many ❤️? @quirkycourt94

  • Natasha Le Mae

    Love the Tulle Fit & Flare Dress in Critter Peach. Printed dresses are fun in tulle to wear to work or events. @tashlemae

  • Tiffany A

    I love the peasant blouse with skinny jeans. I’m obsessed with those strappy flats too! @tifftoff22

  • Estefani Rios

    My favorite piece from the entire collection is the Lace Peasant Blouse in black! It’s perfect!
    Instagram: estefani_rio

    P.S.- I have to say that this is one of your most beautiful collections yet, Lauren Conrad. When I first saw it, it literally took my breath away!

  • Patricia Thompson

    My favorite tulle fit & flare dress

  • This is so so so so precious! I want that cream-colored dress so badly.

    – Jen


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  • I saw the collection at Kohl’s the other day and loved it! I’d love the black Floral Tulle Skirt with all the super cute flowers.

    My twitter username is @skakalakigirl

  • Ariana Valles

    I absolutely love the peasant top. The details are so sweet and I love anything with florals or animals. I want to tell you how much I love your style and the clothes you create because it is very modest and in good taste which you really don’t find often nowadays. I also want to tell you what an inspiration you are to me and many young girls . I watched your pop innovators special like 3 times already because you inspire me to stay true to myself and follow my dreams. Thank you for being such a good role model and being not only beautiful outside but inside as well! <33 Instagram :@arianavalles21

  • Morgan Gates

    My favorite is the woodland creature blouse, it flows beautifully and is perfect even for the holidays.


  • My favorite is the floral embroidered top and the red tulle skirt.
    Instagram: nancyytrevinoo

  • Kaitlin Bartol

    My favorite piece would be the Swiss dot tulle skirt. I saw it at kohls last Friday and absolutely adored it. It had a very classic girl look that is my style.

  • Brooke Cooper

    The Tulle Fit & Flare dress is adorable! Perfect for brunch!
    Instagram: brookelynncooper

  • Wow you look gorgeous love the dress

    Beauty Blog

  • Amy in KC

    My favorite is the Tulle Fit & Flare Dress! But the entire collection is GORGEOUS.

    Instagram: amynaas87
    Twitter: AmyNaas

  • Annie Resnicoff

    The tulle fit and flare dress. Twitter & Instagram: redrose0605

  • Megann Johnson

    Such a hard decision! Just looked at the collection online at Kohl’s and I’m officially obsessed!! I love the lace hem tunics and the tulle skirt!
    instagram: olaughme

  • Ariana Beaudry

    I love the peasant top! soo pretty and also sophisticated instagram: bellari77

  • Amanda Laurence

    My favorite is the tulle fit & flare dress but i also love the Lace Hem Tunic in oatmeal Heather.

  • Ashley

    I love the peasant top! It’s super cute and comfy and perfect for the Fall weather and upcoming holidays. Instagram: itsashleytime

  • The tulle fit and flare dress is so beautiful!! That one is definitely my favorite. 🙂 @jaskhan

  • Cortney Williams

    My favorite is the tulle fit and flare! I saw it at my local Kohl’s and fell in love with it in black!! But for everyday I adore the Apple Boatneck Sweater!!! cortneylynn05

  • Charyl Gardner Nocerino

    I love so many items, but I am definitely going to go try on the Swiss Dot tulle skirt in red for an upcoming holiday party. So beautiful!!!! Instagram- @charylnocerino

  • Megan

    The tulle fit and flare dress is to die for! So pretty! Instagram: meganhcherry

  • Marina Mack

    My favorite is actually the apple boatneck sweater. Cozy and cute, with a nice ribbon detail in the back. Instagram:marinaelea

  • Anma of The European Look

    Oh! I wish I could enter that giveaway 🙁 Leaving you some warm wishes from Germany! You collection is super cute, I really love the fit and flare dress at the top. I hope one day we can shop it over here too. Best, Anma


  • Joy Bortmas

    The tulle dress?
    Instagram @joyyyaaa

  • Shedairyproduct

    I just bought the peach tulle dress!! Cant wait to wear it to my bestie’s wedding! Instagram: shedairyproduct
    Twitter: Shedairyproduct

  • Alexis

    Tulle Fit & Flare Dress
    Is perfect for me!! I love the print, the high and low is perfect for both heels and flats, which i like. Fit & Flare is what i like.