lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items

Growing up my parents instilled in me a love for food and entertaining. Some of my favorite memories as a little girl are of me rolling up my sleeves and helping my dad cook. So it’s only natural that in my house all of the action happens in the kitchen! House parties, holiday soirees and most of our photoshoots take place right here in my kitchen. Because I spend a good amount of time in this room, I’ve gone through my fair share of gadgets and accessories. It’s definitely been trial and error finding out which appliances are the most useful and which ones just collect dust. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally narrowed it down.

In today’s post I’m giving you a little peek into my kitchen cupboards. From little things like dish towels to big ticket items like coffee makers and food processors, I’m sharing 10 items that will complete your kitchen. If your kitchen is the heart of your home like mine is, you’re going to want to keep scrolling… 

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items1. Food Processor

It’s safe to say that I use my food processor for just about everything. From mixing pie dough to chopping vegetables to creating cocktail-ready purees, this little Cuisinart food processor does it all.

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items2. Pie Dishes

At the Tell residence pies are all the rage. My apple pie recipe is a frequent dessert and I love making chicken potpie as an easy dinner. I like to make sure that I have enough pie dishes on hand, and these simple white ones are definitely my favorite. 

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items3. Ice Crusher

For those of us that don’t have an ice crusher built into our refrigerator, this countertop ice crusher comes in handy. I prefer crushed ice—plus it looks prettier in cocktails!

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items4. Coffee Maker

What would my mornings be without my Keurig coffee maker? I usually carry a cup into my room in the morning while I respond to emails from bed! Don’t forget a dash of cinnamon… 

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items5. Dish Towels

Dish towels are an essential in any kitchen. My favorite ones happen to be available on The Little Market’s website. Plus they come in an array of colors, perfect for any kitchen.

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items6. A Charcuterie Board

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of playing hostess. That being said, you can always count on a charcuterie board to be present in my kitchen. I always bring out this beautiful olive wood board when I’m entertaining. Find it on

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items7. Rose Gold Cutlery

Call me crazy but I have a separate set of cutlery for special occasions. I couldn’t help myself when I saw this pretty rose gold set from West Elm. I break them out for dinner parties and photo shoots, and they’re always a hit. Just be sure to hand wash after you use them to keep the rose gold plating in tact.

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items8. Cake Stands

Similar to my pie dishes, I always keep cake stands on hand for cakes and desserts. This stone and brass Tom Dixon cake stand is my favorite one that I own. 

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items9. Jars

Instead of keeping bags of flour and sugar on hand, I love to keep my dry ingredients in 2 gallon jars. That way they stay fresh longer and look pretty cute on my countertop as well. 

lauren conrad's favorite kitchen items10. Oil Cruet

This oil cruet from Williams-Sonoma is a perfect dispenser for your favorite cooking oil. I like to keep olive oil and balsamic vinegar in mine!

What are some of your favorite items in your kitchen?

Let me know what they are in the comments!

XO Lauren

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