Tuesday Ten: Fashion Industry Jobs

Find the right fashion industry job for you

One thing that I’ve learned about the fashion industry over the years is that it’s multifaceted. Branches of the fashion industry grow and stretch beyond being the head of a label and designing clothes. Sure, the industry as a whole is very creativity-oriented. But if sketching and sewing aren’t strengths that you possess, there are still more options out there for you than you might be aware of. Having a career in fashion might look like being buried in clothes all day, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’m grateful to spearhead two clothing lines that I love so much, but Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad didn’t just pop up overnight. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights go into building your dream career, and you aren’t a one-woman show when you get to the finish line. What makes a clothing line and the fashion industry as a whole so functional is the village that it took to make it successful. Each one of the positions that I’m listing below plays an important role in making the industry what it is today. Keep scrolling to see 10 jobs that you can work towards if you love fashion…

1. Intern
Being an intern is one of the most valuable experiences that you can give yourself. By interning, you’re given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a potential career—and decide if you want to continue pursuing said career. If you’re a student I strongly advise you to polish up your résumé and tackle as many internships as you can during your university years. Also, many internships can actually lead to jobs. I have hired interns that I was impressed by. Think of it as a very long job interview.

2. Creative Director
A creative director helps dictate… well the creative direction. They create a vision for the overall brand and usually are the head designer. As a brand grows and enters different categories the teams grow as well. A creative director makes sure that the branding messages is strong throughout.

3. Brand or Sales Representative
Being a brand or sales rep requires having an extensive knowledge in the company that you work for. Typically, brand and sales reps work closely with buyers, bloggers, and editors so that they have an inside look at the newest collections for upcoming seasons. This may be a customer service type position, but it will give you a leg up in the industry.

4. Editorial Assistant
While editorial assistants do have a hand in helping out in all areas of the office, most of your time will be spent aiding copywriters. Tasks might look like research, proofreading, or writing articles. If you consider yourself a strong writer and well versed in the fashion industry, this position could be for you.

5. Marketing or Social Media Assistant
Let your passion for visuals and social media shine in one of these fashion industry positions. A marketing or social media assistant should not only be social media savvy on all platforms, but be a self-starting content curator. Social media strategy is key in this position.

6. PR or Advertising Account Coordinator
While you may not be working hands-on with clothing or product, the role of a PR or advertising account coordinator is just as important. Account coordinators help assist account executives in their day-to-day tasks. This might include maintaining client records, processing internal information, sitting in on meetings and conference calls, and administrative duties.

7. Design Assistant
If you’re interested in design and garment making, this role is for you. Design assistants work hand-in-hand with designers by either creating new material or assisting with current designs. By doing this you’ll become familiar with just how much time and energy goes into a label as well as all of the other rewards and challenges. This is a valuable opportunity for those of you who eventually want to become a designer of your own label.

8. Merchandise Buyer or Assistant Buyer
Being a merchandise buyer or assistant buyer means that you’re in charge of pulling product for a company. Your roles and responsibilities include buying product, assessing what product your company should be selling, and determining how much of that product your company might need. The best buyers know to stay ahead of trends and have a knowledge of what their customers are always looking to purchase.

9. Chief Operations Officer
Being COO means being fully responsible for the efficiency (functionality, financially, growth, etc.) of a business. The COO maintains and controls all business operations. This means having the ability to converse and persuade by way of people skills, while also being able to productively lead your team. A COO is not only a business acumen but also extremely well versed in the world of fashion. Your main goal is to secure and maintain function to ultimately drive growth. Decision-making and problem solving are key in this position.

10. Stylist
From outfitting client wardrobes to styling models and everything in between, stylists have a knack for knowing their fashion. Stylists are used in every aspect of the entertainment industry—from television shows to red carpet events, there will always be talent that need to look their best.

While this may seem like an extensive lists of jobs related to the fashion industry, I have probably only scratched the surface. My overall point is to show all of you creative and unique ladies and gents out there that you have options!

Which one of these positions sounds most interesting to you?

I’d love to hear about your dream job in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photos: @papercrown on Instagram