Get a behind the scenes peek at the world of fashion

If you haven’t already realized, we’ve had fashion on the mind this month. Between going to NY Fashion Week, showing you the new LC Runway collection, and taking a deeper look at jobs within the fashion industry, September wouldn’t be complete without introducing you to some of our favorite ladies in fashion…team Paper Crown!

As most of you know, Lauren is the lead designer of this line. Since everyone has a pretty good idea what her job description entails, this post is meant to give you a clearer look at all of the talented ladies behind the scenes. The Paper Crown team has almost doubled in size over the past year, so it was only natural that we checked-in with them to learn the ins-and-outs of what a day working in fashion is like, and what advice they would give to anyone looking to break into the industry. Let’s dive in…

Sneak peek at the workings of Paper CrownSales & Marketing Team: Lea, Kelly & Kailee (from left to right)

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Every day starts at our contractors’ offices where we review production, check the quality of work, and make sure things are running smoothly. From there I will sit down with my production team to review the day’s agenda. After checking emails and touching base with the design team, I usually start to troubleshoot any errors or setbacks that arise. We never stop moving! – Melody, Production Manager

My job is to build relationships. Some days I spend hours on the phone and on my laptop sending emails, while other days I am on the road dashing from appointment to appointment. – Kailee, Account Executive

Every day is very different, which I love. I could be sourcing fabrics, attending merchandising meetings, or having fittings. Other days are more production focused, complete with spreadsheets, purchase orders, and calendars. I interact with every department within Paper Crown whether it be design, production or sales. – Amanda, Director of Development

Paper Crown production teamProduction Team: Melody, Ashley & Haley (from left to right)

What is the most valuable skill you learned in life/school that contributes to success in your current position?

Learning InDesign and Photoshop! Between making line sheets, look books and homepages for the website… I don’t know if I could do my job without having prior knowledge of these programs. Being familiar with a software or skill will make you more marketable in the workplace. Once you narrow in on what industry you would like to be in, figure out what skill you can learn that will make you stand out among your competition. – Kelly, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

I am so glad I took Spanish while in school. Not all of our contractors speak fluent English…so being familiar with the language has really helped me communicate better. I definitely recommend anyone looking at a career in fashion production to familiarize themselves with a second language. – Haley, Production Coordinator

While technical and tangible skills are important, I would say problem solving was the most valuable skill I learned in my creative education that I have applied to my current position. There are so many elements in play when creating a successful and beautiful collection, and it can feel like a BIG puzzle. As a team, we work to find the best approach and I have loved seeing the results each season. – Michele, Assistant Designer/Assistant Technical Designer

Decision-making and problem solving are of top importance. As COO, your main goal is to secure and maintain function to ultimately drive extensive and sustainable growth. In order to do this, I must lead by way of giving information I receive to encourage all parts of the puzzle. You cannot think of your career simply as fashion oriented! – Maura, COO & Co-Founder

What is your favorite part of your job?

Getting to know all of the individuals that contribute to the business, whether they’re full-time employees or contractors. Seeing how everyone works with the same end goal is so rewarding! – Ashley, Production Assistant

Putting the perfect assortment together for a customer. – Lea, Director of Sales

The beginning of a new season! I love sitting down with Lauren (and some good tunes) for creative design meetings. – Michele, Assistant Designer/Assistant Technical Designer

Seeing how everything comes together! From design to sales to marketing, there is nothing more exciting than walking down the street and seeing someone wearing that season’s latest and greatest. –Kelly, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Paper Crown development & design teamDevelopment & Design Team: Amanda & Michele (from left to right)

And now for the important question…Instagram or Snapchat?

Snapchat all day every day. – Ashley, Production Assistant

Such a hard choice! I dabble in both. It’s a tie. – Haley, Production Coordinator

Instagram! – Kailee, Account Executive

And there you have it!

What questions do you have for the Paper Crown team?

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XO Team LC

P.S. If you have your eyes on any of the styles the team is wearing (we know we do!), they will be available as part of Paper Crown’s Spring 2017 collection hitting stores starting in January.

Photos: Yoni Goldberg