Pulling off a monochromatic outfit can be tough. Wearing one solid color can go one of two ways—effortlessly trendy or extremely tacky. After all, are you supposed to wear the same shade or different variations? If you’ve been too hesitant to try this trend before, we encourage you to take a peek at our latest Chic of the Week. Single colored outfits are no longer for the daring and denim has never looked so cool! This blue jean, chambray, and jacket combination will have you rethinking your matching game. Keep scrolling to see how our latest Chic is taking monochromatic to the next level…

Welcome to the Chic of the Week family, Paige!

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Paige's chic and casual denim

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Blue has never looked so beautiful! While Paige might be wearing all denim, each one of her pieces brings something unique to her outfit. Paige breaks up her monochromatic outfit with different shades of blue—her chambray is just a hint darker than her jacket, adding dimension. Plus she adds a little texture with her distressed jeans! Grey booties were the perfect finishing touch and you can’t forget about the red lipstick! We don’t know about all of you, but an outfit like this one will be making an appearance in our fall wardrobes. Here’s what Paige had to say about her ensemble…

This look could turn out super fantastic, or you could end up on the “fashion police” list of what not to wear! I have always loved this style when it is done right. Denim will never go out of style! Chambray shirts have been a hot commodity for a while now. I have seen lots of women rock the denim-on-denim look. It’s risky, but it’s a risk that I will take sometimes! My jeans and denim jacket are in the same color scheme, and my top is a little bit darker. I either like to keep my denim look on the light side, or on the darker side. I added booties with a little texture and shine to spice things up a little bit. I lathered on my red lipstick to top my look off!

We can all take some inspiration from Paige’s outfit this season! Thanks for sharing your denim on denim look with us, Paige!

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Photos: Paige Arminta