Engagement photography tips every couple should know before their session

It goes without saying that being engaged is one of the happiest moments in a girl’s life. Between finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and celebrating with family and friends, it’s hard to stop smiling. One of our favorite things to see as we’re scrolling through Instagram are photographs of our happily engaged friends—it’s a happy feeling when love is in the air. So today we’re going to share with you some tips from photographer Becky Schwartz on how to have the perfect engagement photos. Any excuse for a photoshoot, right?

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Q. What recommendations do you have for couples that aren’t used to being photographed?

A. It’s important to ask how a couple wants their unique relationship depicted. But let’s be honest, most of us aren’t models and few of us feel extremely comfortable and natural in front of the camera (myself included). My clients often ask for natural candid photos… but that’s easier said than done. A more realistic way to accomplish natural and relaxed photos is through what I like to call the “active posed candid.” I tell them to stand apart and then slowly walk towards one another, pull each other close, or to tell me an endearing or lighthearted story of one of their first dates. Not only to do I better understand the couple’s chemistry but these prompts bring natural movement and tell a story. It keeps poses from feeling static and makes the shoot far more fun. The pictures worth capturing often happen in the in-between moments. In the midst of a sweet quiet gaze, tenderly reaching out for each other’s hands or a lingering embrace.

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Q. We’ve all experienced significant others who like to avoid taking pictures at all costs. What advice do you have for the bride with a resistant partner?

A. Sometimes one half of the couple dislikes the pressure of having their photo taken, especially at length. I find the best success when I ask both partners to tell me their story and what their vision is for their future together. When you ask about future goals, anticipated adventures and dreams, it reminds the couple why they are investing in capturing this moment. Even the simplest explanation taps into anticipation for the future and excitement to document the beginning of their union.

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Q. What do you take into account when choosing a location for a shoot?

A. As the saying goes: Location, location, location. Where you decide to capture photos can make or break a shoot. I encourage a couple to shoot somewhere that tells part of their story. Typically picking a location with a killer view and a beautiful sunset will offer amazing light and put the icing on what is already a beautiful story.

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 Q. Do you advise couples make an effort to meet with their photographer in person prior to the shoot?

A. I love spending time with my couples before a shoot. I’ll often grab a drink at my client’s favorite taproom or distillery, or even chat briefly over Skype. Even having a few moments to talk with the couple before the shoot helps put their nerves at ease and gives us all a chance to get to know one other without the cameras.

We all know that outfit choice is key. What do you suggest couples wear for their engagement shoot?

Putting extra time and effort into your engagement shoot ensemble will always up the ante. Couples who pull out all the stops add so much depth to their shoot and end up with timeless photos. I encourage my clients to elevate their normal day-to-day wardrobe. A gorgeous dress, a blow out and a stunning lip color will enhance a bride’s natural look. A fitted suit, wing-tips and a fresh shave will make the groom feel sharp. The couple will feel more confident, and this always comes through in the photos.

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Photos: Becky Schwartz