Interior design terms defined by Lauren Conrad

There comes a time in a girl’s life when it’s time to do a decorating overhaul. That might look like replacing your Ikea furniture that saw you through college or designing a new home with your significant other. Whatever the case, taking on an interior design project can be a big undertaking. I know that I had a lot to learn when I moved into my first apartment! Having little to no design experience, I quickly realized that there were a few terms that I needed to brush up on before making any big purchases. Words like chinoiserie and étagère were lost on me. If this sounds all too familiar to you, I’ve created a cheat sheet to help alleviate your struggles.

Below I’ve created a dictionary with ten of the interior design words you might not know. I wish I would have known these terms myself and I hope they help you out too! Keep scrolling to see which words made the list…

1. Chaise Longueshaz lawng

A long, low chair with one arm that resembles a couch.

2. Armoirearm-waar

An ornate wardrobe or cabinet.

3. Wainscot wane-skit

Wooden paneling on usually the lower half of the walls of a room.

4. Chinoiseriesheen-wah-zuh-ree

Chinese motifs usually from the 18th century that adorn art, furniture and architecture.

5. Étagèreey-tah-zhair

A piece of furniture that has a number of open shelves.

6. Bergerebur-zhair

A French upholstered armchair from the 18th century.

7. Toiletwäl

An early version of a garment made out of thin linen or fabric designed to test a pattern.

8. Faux Boisfoe-bwah

An imitation of wood or wood grain.

9. Ikate-cat

Decorative Indonesian fabric that is dyed before weaving.

10. Setteese-tē

An upholstered piece of furniture with a back and arms that seats more than one person.

Do you have any commonly mispronounced words that you can add to this list?

I’d love to hear what they are in the comments!

XO Lauren

Photos: Douglas Friedman/Instyle