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What better way to start out the week than with a brand new month too! The beginning of each month always feels like a clean slate and I’m ready to take advantage of the good that August has to offer. That being said, today also marks my second annual Ask Me Anything August—a month where I’ll be answering questions every week submitted by my readers. I love hearing what’s on your mind: from relationships and career advice to beauty and everything in between, I’m ready to address your most frequently asked questions. That’s not all I have up my sleeve for August though…

Not only does August mark the height of summer, but it also welcomes back the school year for some of you. What better way to celebrate than with my biggest Kohl’s giveaway ever? I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll be hand selecting the prizes for the lucky winner. That way you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of summer in style. Still looking for ways to beat the heat? Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing an adorable confetti birthday card DIY and some party planning tips so that you can throw the sweetest ice cream social around. I won’t tell if you scoop a little extra for yourself. I don’t know about you, but August is shaping up to be the best month yet!

What are you excited to see on this month? And what questions would you like me to answer in my Ask Lauren posts?

Be sure to let me know in the comments!

XO Lauren

Photos: Yoni Goldberg
  • Love that dress!

  • Would you ever consider going vegan?x

    • VL123

      what for!? lol

  • Claire

    I’m getting married in October- what’s your best tips for the bride on the big day? Xoxo

  • PetroE

    What would you say your worst flaw is and how do you acknowledge and accept it?

    • Macie Scheribel

      Good question!

  • Macie Scheribel

    What’s the best advice you can give someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

  • Macie Scheribel

    Big or small everyone has failed at something before, whats your go to move when dealing with a set back?

  • Libby Adkins

    Do you have any new books in the works? Fiction? Non-fiction?

  • Jessica Matsakis Guerrieri

    What is your diet and work out routine?

  • Jessica Matsakis Guerrieri

    what is your skincare routine and products?

  • Lane

    Do you have any advice on how to meet new friends when you live in a small town?

  • Caity Merriman

    A style question, how to find versatile pieces that are great for an office and can be dressed down for more casual occasions? I feel like I have two completely different styles. Professional for the work week, and bohemian and carefree on the weekend. It would be nice to have pieces that can be used for both, maybe a must have versatile closet basics segment 🙂 Thank you!

  • Lori

    Could you share your advise on branding?

  • KCarter

    I understand that your website is not geared towards teenagers, but back to school is not too far ahead, and I can’t seem to find anything special enough to wear for school. I have purchased many new outfits , but nothing seems to really speak to me as a first day of school outfit. I want to wear something casual…but not something that I would necessarily wear anytime. Something mature but not too fancy for a teenager. I also can’t seem to find a hairstyle that’s only slightly more formal than simply curling it. Do you have any recommendations for outfits, clothing lines, or stores?

  • Taylor

    Would you ever consider making some plus size options for your line at kohl’s? The style of clothes that you design are very rarely available to plus size women, and I think it would do really well. I find myself lusting after your beautiful clothes all the time. I know that you offer size 18 online, but the tailored nature of a lot of them don’t work well with my larger bust. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

  • Leah

    I’m excited for a sneak peak of the August Kohl’s collection as well as any details about when the collection hits stores!

  • Kendall

    I would love to know your tips for summer makeup/skincare routines – I am in a beauty rut!

  • KCarter

    How can I meet people at school that have the same interests as me?

  • Tanisha

    Are you going to write any more novels? Would you ever do a lifestyle book?

  • Amber Stephens

    Dear lauren conrad

    I was wondering if u are ever going to come out with a handbag line?

  • Dana

    I’m sure you love your job, but how do you keep the motivation going all the time? I’m sure as a human being there are times when you’re just out of it, how do you push through those times and get back to being productive & successful?

  • Michelle Weger

    What have you been up too lately? What was your favorite part of clothing that you made

  • sara

    How did you learn the business side of your work, management and choose who to work with on your different projects? Also, I would like to design clothes and am starting sewing classes, but did not go to school for fashion design, what advice do you have? Thank you so much!

  • Jaimee Rindy

    Can’t wait for that giveaway ❤️ And the question I want answered most is: What advice do you have for young people (like me) moving to a new city on an internship? How do I turn that internship into a career and how do I manage a brand new place?

  • Mari Té

    Hi from Chile Lauren =) Are you planning to come to South America with The Little Market? =) Cheers!

  • I’d really like to see some more career advice this month 🙂 I really enjoyed all of the career advice that you’ve given in the past, Lauren, and I always find your words so helpful and reassuring! And of course, can’t wait to see more of your collection, as always <3 Happy August!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Tamara Yankovskaya

    Hi! when your books will be translated and published in Russian? 🙂

  • Brandi Waters

    I want to get into the industry with Vogue and plan events. I have no background in these or fashion design but its always been a secret passion of mine. But I live in Indiana not any big city. What would be some good advice for this? What is a starting point? And is it a hit or miss type of career?

  • PinkLacedPoppy

    What are some of the things youre looking forward to this fall? Will you eventually debut a makeup line?

  • Amy

    How do you deal with a housemate that never does their dishes and leaves them in a sink for over a week?

  • Katie

    I can’t wait for the Kohl’s giveaway! <3 I love going to Kohl's and checking out your collection!
    I have a couple questions: What does a normal day in the life of Lauren Conrad look like?
    What advice would you give to young adults who are trying to find their passion?
    Also, I am completely crushing on this guy who I see every now and then at my work, but I am too shy to just go up and talk to him. How do I break out of that habit of closing myself off to opportunities that could potentially change my life, for the better?

  • Kk Lily

    Hey Lauren! I am going to be a senior this year and I am not sure what I want to do in college! I was wondering what would you do to narrow down options and picking out my major?
    Also, what is the best advice you have ever received?
    Thanks for all you do! ??
    God bless,

  • Tanisha

    How do you keep your marriage fresh and exciting?

  • KCarter

    Do you know any home remedies to get rid of scars?

  • KCarter

    Also. I have small red dots across my forehead. If I run my fingers across them, I can’t feel any lumps. Is it achne? I wear fave masks, wash, exfoliate, and steam my face constantly…but my face is still it clean

  • Cheyenne Smith

    Do you have any advice on planning a house warming party with not a lot of money to spare? ? Thank you! XOXO

  • Cball

    What is one thing about you that we don’t already know? Excited for the Giveaway!

  • Hillsfangirl

    How do you achieve the perfect smokey eye look?

  • Stephanie

    What red nail polish color are you frequently wearing? Love it!

  • heavenrain

    What was the nail polish you wore on your wedding day?
    What is your updated makeup routine for everyday and skincare routine for everyday.
    greets from Poland XO

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    I’m excited to see more style, recipe, and fitness posts! I love your website! It’s where I get inspiration from!

  • Tanisha

    Would you ever consider doing a magazine like Martha Stewart or Oprah?

  • What do you do when you’ve found that you’ve fallen off track with working out and eating right? What helps you get back on track other than “just doing it?” Do you have a way to motivate yourself and plan for the next week to get back on track?

    The Golden Days |

  • Alexis Bell

    How do you or did you get passed losing friends that you wish would’ve worked out?

  • Mackenzie Didur

    My Hair is roughly an espresso/ dark brunette color, what would you say the best color ombre for that would be? also, I have never dyed my hair before and I’ve always wanted to be blonde but always told that I could never pull it off, and my 21st birthday is coming up. any suggestions?

  • Macy J

    Hi Lauren! I’m moving off to college this week and meeting my roommate for the first time! You always hear advice for how to give off good first impressions to a job interviewer, a boss, etc- but do you have any advice on how to give a good impression to someone less professional (like a roommate or classmate), to let them know who you are and what you like without outright playing 20 questions?

  • Whitney

    Would love to see your daily street style! You could do a post a day for 7 days of your daily outfit? xx

  • bh

    Hello there =)
    My boyfriend will be in many weddings this fall where he will be a groomsman. I’m wondering if there is any advice you can give me since ill be alone most of the day. I would like to be as supportive as possible with him. Also, is there anything I should know considering ill be going to my first dinner rehearsal?
    please help me!
    thank you!

  • May Nuttman

    Question for ask Lauren: how to get over intimidation from buying a new house (the world is your oyster, I find it hard to make a final decision on furniture, paint colours etc)