'I Am Fun' Beach Towel Giant Beach Towel, $38

Hey guys! It’s Anna again from Fash Boulevard. It’s officially summer, which means carving out a few work-free weekends to have a little fun in the sun is practically a requirement. Whether your summer bucket list consists of over-the-top pool soirees or lazy beach days, cute accessories that complement the season and notch up the fun are always welcomed. To help maximize your summer experience, I’ve put together a list of photo-worthy must-haves that will leave your social media feeds oh-so-summery and your beach and pool days extra memorable…

Pool Float

see these sunny summer accessories via Anna James of Fash Boulevard

Big Mouth Pineapple Float, $25

Remember the days when your float options began and ended with only two choices, rectangular or round? Simpler times, sure. More fun? Heck no! Thanks to a certain flamingo float that busted onto the Instagram scene last summer, no pool or beach party is complete without a quirky water accessory. Float your way to total relaxation this summer with the cutest inflatable sidekick ever.

Beach Bag

don't miss these darling sunny accessories via contributor Anna James

Mar Y Sol Woven Straw Tote, $135

Beach bags are a given, but this year it’s all about woven straw bags! Opt for ones with vibrant colors, like the one above. It’s hard not to think of a sunny day without a burst of yellow on your arm. This cute carryall can also double as a handbag once your vacation comes to an end.


Sunny Accessories: Personalized Sunnies

Pineapple Proper Personalized Sunglasses, $12

Never, ever wear your favorite pair of sunglasses to the beach. Those beautiful and majestic crashing waves are skilled thieves with an eye for designer sunnies. Each summer I like to buy a cheap pair to endure all of the outdoor wear and tear.

Barefoot Sandals

summer must have: barefoot sandals

My Beachy Side Barefoot Sandals, $45

Let’s face it; Shoes at the beach are totally impractical. Add a punch of style to your beach festivities with these comfy additions. They’re like jewelry for your feet.

Cute Drinkware

Pineapple skinny tumblers, essential for summer

Pineapple Proper Skinny Tumbler, $13

Step aside solo cups, the social media pros are taking over with the cutest drinkware ever. You and your BFF’s can sip in style this summer with these adorable skinny tumblers.

Beach Towel

oversized beach towels for summer from Vacation Giant Beach Towel, $38 | I Am Fun Giant Beach Towel, $38

In many ways, your beach towel is the second most important sunny day item apart from your swimsuit and cover-up. So if you’ve been using a raggedy old shower towel (look, we’ve all done it), just know that you’re seriously missing out. This summer, optimize your sunbathing experience with a sassy oversized towel or a pretty printed beach blanket. There are more options than ever!

Drink Floats

nothing better than drinks at the pool

Big Mouth Drink Floats, $10

Sipping and swimming? These adorable drink floats have made it possible to float alongside your favorite summer cocktail. Just remember to splash responsibly. Watching the final product of that gorgeous Pinterest-worthy beverage you finally conquered take on a pint of chlorine can be a total day-ruiner.

Waterproof Speakers

summer essentials: waterproof speakers

UE Boom 2 Waterproof & Wireless Speaker, $199

Let’s be real for a moment… Summer playlists are no joking matter. Ambiance is everything and the right song can alter a sunny day experience in mere seconds, but when it comes to perfect parings, water and technology have quite the volatile history. This summer, invest in a wireless, waterproof speaker that looks cute and sounds even better.

Floppy Hat

monogrammed sun hat obsession

Kailey’s Monogram Shop Floppy Hat, $25

A bright floppy hat is super stylish and inherently functional. Not only does it help to shield your face from the sun, but it also protects your scalp, ears and the back of your neck from sun exposure. And honestly, if there’s an opportunity to slap a monogram on something, I’m all over it.

What is your favorite sunny day accessory?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Fash Boulevard

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