Shape Up: Anywhere Abs

As busy girls, we know how difficult it can be to wind ourselves up for a session at the gym after a long workday. Sometimes a glass of wine and plopping down on the couch is the cure-all for a day out and about. For most of us, the couch is a catalyst for relaxation (as it should be!). But sometimes the couch can be a useful way to sneak in some unexpected ab workouts—seriously! Our friend and resident fitness coach, Dr. Hunter Vincent, has put together these ab workouts keeping in mind that not everyone has a gym at arm’s reach. So whether you’re sliding onto the couch or trying to peel yourself off, see if you can stop for a few minutes and try these next four ab exercises.

Here’s the basic set up. Move your butt towards the edge of the couch so that just your legs are hanging off the edge. You can have your arms resting by your sides or keep them above your head. Here’s a tip, holding your arms above your head can help with balance. Always remember, keep your core engaged and keep your back flat on the couch. If your back is arching during the exercises, Dr. Hunter recommends that you move your body further up on the couch so that less of your legs are hanging off.

Anywhere Abs: Leg Lifts
Anywhere Abs: Leg Lifts

Anywhere Abs: Leg Lifts

1. Leg Lifts

Keeping your feet together, slowly drop your legs below the level of the couch and then raise them up to 90 degrees. You can either point your toes up towards the ceiling, or pull your toes back towards your body. Pulling your toes back can provide more of a calf and hamstring stretch during the exercise. Try for 2 sets of 20!

Anywhere Abs: Splits
Anywhere Abs: Splits
Anywhere Abs: Splits
Anywhere Abs: Splits

2. Splits

With your legs straight out from the edge of the couch, open your legs into a splits position. Then bring them back together, crossing your right foot over your left. Immediately go back open to the splits position. When returning to the middle again, put your left foot over your right. Let’s see if you can complete 2 sets of 40!


Anywhere Abs: Flutter Kicks
Anywhere Abs: Flutter Kicks

3. Flutter Kicks

The key to this exercise is range of motion. Start with one foot up, trying to touch the ceiling, and the other foot down and even with the level of the couch. Then switch! Switch again, alternating legs up and down. Aim for 2 sets of 20 on each leg!
Anywhere Abs: Static Hold


4. Static Holds

Now, it’s time to burn it out! Keep your feet together and hold your legs straight out so that they’re even with the level of the couch. See if you can hold them in that position for 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise two times.

We don’t know about you, but our abs are burning in the best way possible! Thanks for another killer workout, Dr. Hunter! If you liked this plan, be sure to check out Dr. Hunter’s expert tips in this stairs workout, this total body workout, and this booty-sculpting workout!

Will you be trying this anywhere abs workout plan?

Let us know if you do in the comments!

XO Team LC

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  • I’ll have to try these out. Thanks for sharing these…I love a good ab work out!

    xo Azu

  • Oooh, this sounds like the perfect ab workout! Easy to do anywhere- perfect for traveling!


  • Irene Sung

    sounds like a great workout for my flabs!!! :DDDD



    • Morgan Dauria


  • Wow working out while on the couch? 😀 Haha nothing has ever sounded more perfect <3 Thank you so much for sharing these great and convenient little moves!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • I’ve been looking for a quick routine like this for weeks, perfect timing! I’ll start tomorrow..;)

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

  • Isabella

    What about for people that have normal couches with arms and no gyms..

  • Love this routine! I’ve been looking for more anywhere workouts since I haven’t gotten a gym membership yet after my move!

    xo Bree

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