Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday, and I’m in need of some serious R&R. Anyone with me? The Fourth of July festivities are officially behind us for the year, and I have to say, that extra day off always makes the next couple of weeks a little harder. I hope everyone is excited for the weekend though! But before we check out, I can’t wait to share a few of my favorites with you guys…

Favorite Sip (this recipe for ‘His & Hers’ Rosé Cocktails via Inspired by This):

His & Hers Rosé Cocktails

His & Hers Rosé Cocktails via Inspired By This

Rosé Cocktails for Him AND Her

Favorite Summer Accessory (I’ll be taking this travel bag from The Little Market with me everywhere…):

Travel bag from @The Little Market made from handwoven textiles

Favorite Threads (this stitched message adds the cutest personal touch to everyday denim):

Stitched denim from Madewell

Favorite Step (these suede studded heels by Sam Edelman):

See these suede studded Sam Edelman heels and the rest of Lauren's favorites

Favorite Laugh:

What fun things are you loving lately? 

Tell me in the comments below!

XO Lauren

Photos: The Little Market, Madewell, Inspired by This
  • Love those Madewell!

  • I love the embroidered sayings that are starting to show up on jeans and tees. Love that idea!

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita

  • Helen Harm

    Rose all day! Love it!

    XO Helen @

  • Rose all day I say!

    Kelsey | Her Daily Glow

  • Nikki Laraja

    That ‘His & Hers Rose’ looks incredible! Happy Friday!

    • LaurenConradOnline

      Happy Friday to you too Nikki! We could use a rosé cocktail right about now!

  • Kendall

    These heels are EVERYTHING. Pooling my college student pennies together to get them as we speak!

  • Those rosé recipes look incredible! Adding them to my list of things to try!

    xo Bree

  • Those Sam Edelman heels are gorgeous! I like the color and the studs.

    xo Azu

    • LaurenConradOnline

      Sam Edelman can do no wrong! 🙂

  • Yenna Lee-Jeong

    all i need is that rose cocktail!!! Looks SO darn good!



  • Jennifer Xia

    that travel bag is the cutest thing ever! a must-bring for my upcoming vacay!

    • Irene Sung

      I know! I love it too!

      ~~~ irene

  • Edith Levant

    that video made me laugh so hard! (and I love that cocktail!)

    • Elynna Zhang

      SAME one of those dogs looked just like yours!

  • That bag is so adorable!! Those cocktails also look almost too pretty to drink


  • Georgia Sunray
  • Irene Kim

    amazing cocktail!! perfect for a day at the beach!

  • Elodie Yi

    i love all of these items! so hard to pick a “favorite!”



    • Kendall Zhang

      SAME OMG

      • Grace Xie

        my favorite is the cocktail!

  • This cocktail really look so refreshing perfect for hot summer days , and the sandals are to die for, looove it !

  • Yenna Lee-Jeong

    second time I’m commenting but……… kinda surprised that not so many people are mentioning the Sam Edelman heels! I own so many pairs of Edelmans so I suppose that I might be just a tad bit biased… well now I know exactly which pair I’m going to be adding to my closet! 😉



  • That cocktail looks amazing! 😀 And I really love the shoes too! <3 Will definitely be adding a pair to my closet!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Allie Fitzpatrick

    cute video!

    – allie fitz

  • somda

    good l like it
    welcom to to custom gifts

  • Those shoes are pretty damn nice. This is why I never have any money!

  • That purse and those jeans are adorable! This week I’m loving the fact that I get to work from home on Friday because you’re right–the weeks after the 4th of July are looong! 😛