See what Lauren Conrad always has stocked in her fridge

Today I’m giving my readers a peek into an area that I haven’t shared before… That’s right, today is all about what you can find in my refrigerator. Picking up groceries tends to vary from season to season, especially in the produce department. But today I thought I’d let you in on 10 staples that you can find in my fridge all year round.

When it comes to food, I like to keep items on hand that are easy for entertaining, can make for a quick meal, and are all around on the healthier side. It’s also a bonus that each of these items has a bit longer of a shelf life since my days are pretty jam-packed. I find that if I have these 10 items on constant rotation, I run into fewer meal planning problems throughout the week. My personal tip for stocking your refrigerator: be intentional with your purchases. Plan out your meals ahead of time to reduce the amount of waste! That being said, let’s open up my refrigerator…

1. Almond Milk
I like to keep a healthier alternative to milk in my refrigerator. I have almond milk in my coffee every morning and use it when I cook. From chia pudding to lattes, almond milk tastes great mixed into just about anything.

2. Hard Boiled Eggs
When I am rushing out of the house in the morning and won’t have time to grab breakfast, I like to always have a hard boiled egg on hand. They’re filling enough to help you make it until your next meal and give you that little boost of protein to keep your mind and body on track.

3. Hot Sauce
Marie Sharp’s hot sauce to be exact! My husband and I love to add a dash of this mouth-watering hot sauce on anything from soups to poultry and everything in between. If you’re a fan of habanero spice, pick this hot sauce up at your local grocery store or right here.

4. Frozen Chicken Pot Pies
I have to admit, my light chicken pot pies are a go-to dinner when I’m either in a hurry or out of other options. I like to make several at a time for last minute dinners, and pop them in the freezer for easy access. My secret to a healthier pot pie is to only put crust on top (or try your hand at mini chicken pot pies here).

5. Tomatoes
To me, tomatoes are one of the most versatile items that you can have in your refrigerator. I personally I love snacking on a sliced tomato with a little sea salt (say no to potato chips!) or adding them to whatever dish that I’m making.

6. Wine
Since I never know who may be stopping by, having a chilled bottle of wine on hand is a must. I like to keep chardonnay or rosé in my refrigerator for guests or a little something special when 5 o’clock rolls around.

7. Carrots
Similar to tomatoes, carrots make for great for snacks and are easy for roasting at dinnertime. Dip carrots in dressing, steam them, or pop them in the oven with some spices! Also, my dogs love them as a healthy treat.

8. Longer Shelf Life Meats
If you’re like me and make a charcuterie plate on the regular, keeping longer shelf life meats in your refrigerator proves to be beneficial. Some of my favorite cold cuts include salami and prosciutto.

9. Maple Water
I like to keep hydrated throughout the day, but I am not always great about drinking enough water. I am a little obsessed with maple water because it’s a little sweet treat, but still only 30 calories.

10. Bread
I like a piece of avocado toast for breakfast or an open-faced sandwich for lunch every once in a while, but I always found myself throwing out half of every loaf of bread because I didn’t use it all before it expired. So I started keeping bread in the freezer so that it doesn’t go bad too quickly.

So there you have it! You can’t go wrong with any of these 10 items.

I’m curious, what do you keep in your refrigerator?

What are some items that I could find in your fridge all year round?

Let me know in the comments!

XO Lauren