Team LC's Hotel Room Workout courtesy of our trainer Dr. Hunter Vincent

Ever since our editor-in-chief deemed this month Get In Shape June we’ve been looking for ways to incorporate exercise into every corner of our lives. Since we are always looking to spice up our workout routines, we’re happy to say that we’ve been learning a lot from our favorite trainer, Dr. Hunter Vincent. So far he’s helped us kick up our total body routine as well as spice up our stairs workout. To add another awesome workout into the mix, today Hunter is showing us how we can keep up with our fitness routines even as we travel. Keep scrolling to learn more…

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling is one of the easiest excuses for hitting the pause button on a healthy lifestyle—and lose momentum with your exercise program! The routine and healthy habits that you have worked so hard to establish are all of a sudden tossed out the window and you’re left to make heath decisions on the fly… Not to mention the actual effects of traveling on your body (hello jetlag!). Let’s be honest: You can pack your running shoes, but unfortunately they’re not going to run themselves. Finding time to break a sweat on the road is challenging, so here’s a quick total body workout you can do in the comfort of your hotel room in less than 30 minutes. Let’s get started…

The Hotel Room Workout

Before any workout you’re going to want to start with a well-rounded warm up. Here’s how you should prepare for your hotel room workout…

Warm Up (about 5 minutes):

  • Sumo Jacks x 30
  • Burpees with a jump x 20
  • Sumo Jacks x 30
  • Burpees with a jump x 20

Circuit (about 20-25 minutes):

Hotel Room Workout: Coffee Table Mountain Climbers/Pushups

Hotel Room Workout: Coffee Table Mountain Climbers

Hotel Room Workout: Coffee Table Pushups

Hotel Room Workout: Coffee Table Mountain Climbers/Pushup Combo

1. Coffee Table Mountain Climber/Push Up Combo, 3 x 15:

To perform this exercise, start in push up position with your hands on the coffee table. Try to keep your shoulders directly over your hands. Do four knee drives, alternating right and then left, bringing each knee to your chest. Complete by then do a pushup (all the way to the table if you can!).

Hotel Room Workout: Bulgarian Split Squats

Hotel Room Workout: Bulgarian Split Squats

Hotel Room Workout: Bulgarian Split Squats
2. Couch Bulgarian Split Squats, 3 x 15 per leg:

Begin by placing one foot on the couch (your back leg) and stepping away from the couch with your other leg so that you are in a basic split stance position. Drop down into the split squat, trying to have your back knee touch the ground. Finish by straightening your leg back up again. Expert Tip: For the best technique, try to keep the knee of your front leg behind your toe. Go slow and burn them out.

Hotel Room Workout: Wall Sits

3. Wall Sits, 3 x 60 Seconds:

First you’re going to want to find some open wall space. Then, with your back against the wall, drop down so that your legs are at 90 degrees and your knees are behind your toes. Hold this position for 60 seconds—you can do it!

Get a solid workout in the comfort of your own hotel room

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4. Coffee Table Tricep Dips, 3 x 20:

Facing away from the table, place your hands on the coffee table about shoulder width apart and extend your legs straight out in front of you. Bend your elbows, allowing your body to drop towards the floor. Touch your butt to the floor or go as deep as you possibly can. Then push back up to complete the dip. Expert Tip: Try to have your elbows go straight back, and not flare out to the side. You can also bend your knees to make this exercise a little bit easier, too.

Hotel Room Workout: Couch Rotary Twists

Hotel Room Workout: Couch Rotary Twists

5. Couch Rotary Twists, 3 x 50 (25 Each Way):

Start in sit up position with your feet tucked under the bottom of the couch (place a pillow above your feet if the gap between the couch and the floor is too wide). Engage your core by drawing you belly button to the small of your back. Lean back, dropping your body towards the floor, like you are going to do a sit up, stopping when you are at the halfway point. Once you are here you should feel your abs firing! Put your hands on top of your head or straight out in front of you and twist your upper body side to side. Expert Tip: Keep your core tight and your chest up tall for proper technique.

Hotel Room Workout: Plank with Leg Lifts

Hotel Room Workout: Plank with Leg Lifts

Hotel Room Workout: Plank with Leg LIfts

6. Front Plank with Leg Lifts, 3 x 60s (Switching Legs at 30 Seconds):

Start in a front plank position on your forearms. While holding the plank, lift one leg to the ceiling. Do small pulse contractions with this leg and then switch to the other leg at 30 seconds. Expert Tip: Always remember to set a strong foundation by activating your core (belly button sucked in) and flexing you quads and glutes.

Now that you are armed with a killer workout no matter where you travel, here are a few more tips to keep you healthy on the road. Keep these five tips in mind for your next work trip or travel adventure and remember: every little bit helps!

1. Hydrate

The low humidity in the airplane cabin can increase the risk of dehydration. That being said, it’s essential to drink extra water when on long airplane trips. Click here to read how much water you should be drinking each day.

2. Walk Extra

Let’s face it, you know you are probably going to eat out at restaurants and let your healthy nutrition choices slip a little. After all, you want to enjoy yourself on your travels! One way to combat the extra calorie intake is to up your step count—Hunter recommends aiming for more than 10,000 a day. If you’re spending your days sitting in meetings or working, this is a great way to loosen up the body as well as prevent muscle tension and stress on the body.

3. Bring Your Own Protein Bars

Beat that midday snack attack by bringing your favorite protein bars with you. It’s easy to throw one in your day bag or purse and that way you know you’ll always have a healthy snack option if you need one.

4. Pack for Success

That includes packing your running shoes, workout gear, and headphones next to your more chic outfit options. Set yourself up for success because the last thing you need on the road is another excuse not to exercise. If you spent the extra effort to lug them around in your bag, you might as well use them.

5. Sleep

Traveling itself can be exhausting. So, obviously a good night’s sleep is important. A recent study also shows that sleep deprivation can lead to increased snacking and overeating, because of changes in our circadian rhythm. A healthy night’s rest on the road might help keep some of those calories at bay.

Now that Dr. Hunter has set us up for fitness success no matter where we are, there’s no excuse to skip out on our workout routines!

Will you be giving any of these workout tips a try? Or do you have any healthy traveling tips that we didn’t mention above?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

XO Team LC

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