Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! We’re already almost two weeks into June, can you believe it? Summer is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier about it. With that said, I couldn’t wait to include a couple summery items in my Friday Favorites this week (along with something floral because as far as I’m concerned pretty blooms are always in season). Keep scrolling to see what caught my attention this week…

Favorite Party Theme (this flower crown party hosted by Lauren Nelson and Christy Doramus is something out of our dreams…):

See this flower crown party and the rest of Lauren's Friday Favorites

Flower Crown Party on

See this flower crown garden party and the rest of Lauren's favorites from this week

See this cute flower crown party and the rest of Lauren's Faves on

Favorite Dishware (these perfect summer cocktail pineapple glasses):

Pineapple glassware, perfect for cold summer sips

Favorite Recipe (this healthy Al Pastor Bowl from Be Well By Kelly… YUM):

Get the link to this healthy Al Pastor Bowl in Lauren Conrad's Friday Favorites

Favorite Shades (these equally sassy and feminine Sugar & Spice sunnies… Pssttt… keep an eye out for even more sunnies on this month!):

Sassy and feminine summer sunnies

Favorite Laugh (if you haven’t seen the original video, click here):

Which of these are your favorites?

Comment with your thoughts below!

XO Lauren

Photos: Alexandra Wolf Photography, Be Well By Kelly
  • Kendall

    That video KILLED me! Too funny. TGIF xx

  • Cassidy Short

    That Al Pastor bowl looks incredible!! Love those pineapple glasses, too. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  • manuela

    Hi Lauren I love that share of color!it’s amazing
    And that dishware with pineapples is so chic!
    Have a good week end.
    Xoxo M.

    • kenda5412

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  • I want a flower crown! Love it! Would look beautiful paired with an LC dress.

    Here are my latest faves:

    Happy weekend!

  • I love flower crowns! We made them at a blog conference I went to. I’m thinking of doing them for a friend’s baby shower!

  • Jannine

    Those pineapple glasses and marble sunnies ???
    Xo Jannine | Happy Stylish Fit

    • LaurenConradOnline

      We are all heart eyes too! 😉

  • Helen Harm

    I love those flower crowns and the pineapple glasses are so perfect for summer!

    -Helen @

    • LaurenConradOnline

      Aren’t they so fun? Hopefully they gave you some good summer celebration ideas! 🙂

  • Ballets&Bows

    Beautiful pictures!

  • O M Goodness, all your favorites are on point this week! I love that party theme. Who doesn’t love pineapple everything right now!? Great picks.

    • LaurenConradOnline

      We are pineapple OBSESSED right now! Glad you loved them Dominique! xo

  • Esther Kim

    love the Chewbacca video!!!

    Esther Kim

    (Kim Jaeyon)

    • Rachael Qian

      Yay congrats on Veselius, you talented violinist!!! Tell Ruoyi Tong and Joelle Tia I said congrats too!


      • Ellison Qian

        yay we all made it together!!! WOOT WOOT

        Ellison Qian

        • Irene Sung

          Ellison ur so perf I can’t. How can you start as a Beginner and make ur way to the top section of the top orch with ppl who’ve started since age 3 or 4?

          😀 😀 😀

          irene s

          • Ellison Qian

            lol u don’t know half the truth Irene xD

            And congrats to Joelle Tia!!!

            Ellison Qian

          • Joelle Tia

            thank youuu <33333 congrats to you too, ellison qian!!!

            and irene sung, and jocelyn xia, esther kim, rachael qian, Naho Kitazawa, ruoyi tong, and neha srinivasan ooh and alyson chao

            Joelle Tia

            joelle tia

            J. Tia

            j. tia

          • Alyson Chao

            YEA Neha Srinivasan (@neehawsrini) and Rachael Qian (@rahrahrachael) and we reunite with Yenna Lee-Jeong at last!!! (@yennalj) AND Jessica Qiu!!! (@jessicajellybeanqiu)

            Alyson Chao

          • Ruoyi Tong

            thanks Joelle, Ellison, Esther, Irene, and Alyson Chao! Can’t wait for Veselius with the squad

            Ruoyi Tong

            ruoyi tong

          • Cheyenne Yu

            Congrats, Ruoyi!

            cheyenne yu

          • Sienna Yu

            YAS congrats Ruoyi, Joelle, Ellison, Esther, Irene, Alyson, Jocelyn, Rachael, Neha, Yenna, Jessica, and of course, Anqi Tan!

            Can’t wait to meet up with y’all in Veselius!!!

            Sienna Yu

  • I love the flower party. It’s so colorful and pretty 🙂

  • I’m obsessed with those marble sunnies, they just look so cool!
    My favorite was this red velvet cupcake 😀


  • The pineapple glasses are adorable! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  • Arya Black

    Wow the video is so adorbs!!!

    Arya Black


    arya black


  • Oh man that Al Pastor Bowl looks delicious! Happy Friday indeed 🙂

  • Those sunnies are just gorgeous! 🙂 Haha I’m a little late to last week’s Friday Favorites, but hope you all had a great weekend at Team LC! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Courtney Lynn Offutt

    A flower-crown party is part of my dream bachelorette party!