DIY Nautical Rope Coasters

A few years ago, I came across the cutest set of rope coasters while out shopping at a home décor store and brought them home to sit atop my coffee table. One evening, after taking a closer look at said coasters, I realized that they looked pretty easy to recreate on my own. I always think the best gifts are ones that are handmade, so I set out to my local craft store with the intention of picking up supplies and making a bundle of nautical rope coasters as gifts to give for any occasion. These are a perfect gift to give to your friend who loves entertaining or to give to a party hostess along with a bottle of wine. I’m making some to give to my mom on Mother’s Day this year and wrapping them up with a copy of Lauren’s book Celebrate. The two go hand-in-hand to brighten up any coffee table!

This DIY is beyond easy to make and doesn’t require many supplies. Here’s how to craft them on your own…

Nautical Rope Coasters

You Will Need:

How to make cute nautical coasters


1. Start by drawing perfect circles on each cork tile with a pen. I just traced the top of a coffee mug because it reached the outside edge of the cork square, but you could use a drinking glass or any jar as well. Then, cut out all the circles.

How to make your own DIY nautical coaster

A step by step tutorial for cute nautical coasters

2. Starting in the middle of your circle, add a small drop of glue with your glue gun and glue down the edge of your rope. Glue down the rope as you wind it outward around your circle until it wraps to the entire circumference of the circle.

Learn how to make your own nautical coaster

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3. Once it reaches the outside, wrap the rope around the edge of the coaster so that you can’t see any part of the cork tile when it’s sitting flat on a table.

4. Let it dry, then set atop your coffee table or wrap a small bow around your bundle to give as a gift!

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Pretty simple, right?!

What are you giving your mother for Mother’s Day?

Let me know in the comments if you decide to give this craft a try.

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