Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. This week we are covering an apparel trend straight out of the ‘70s: the bell sleeve. If you’ve been hesitating to wear a bell sleeved blouse or dress, it’s time to bring some flare into your life. This type of sleeve can be all different sizes and lengths, giving you plenty of options ladies! This week’s Chic wears this style seamlessly. Take a look…

Congratulations to our latest Chic of the Week, Kelsey!

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Not only do we love the funky silhouette of her top, we also love that it’s chambray. Chambray is such a comfortable material and is great for any occasion, plus it looks great against white bottoms. Kelsey’s monogrammed necklace is a lovely conversation piece and adds a personal touch to her ensemble. Here is what Kelsey had to say about her outfit…

If there is one item of clothing I’ve been gravitating to lately, it’s anything that’s denim/chambray. I have literally bought five items in the last month that are denim and I’m obsessed! Another thing I have been loving lately is bell sleeves! When I saw this top, I immediately thought of the movie Almost Famous and started singing Tiny Dancer… “Blue jean baby, LA lady”… Anyone else?? The bell sleeves give the look a ‘70s vibe, retro enough for even Penny Lane herself! It is super cute and is very comfortable. I love the flowy fit and the retro vibe the sleeves bring— super chic!

We are definitely looking forward to wearing a “Kelsey-inspired” outfit this weekend!

Are you in love with this trend as much as we are?

Let us know in the comments below!

XO Team LC

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