Our Favorite Apps That Make Work Way Easier

In today’s working world, constantly being on the go is all but unusual. That being said, convenience is everything when it comes to getting the job done while hopping from one meeting to the next. For those times when we don’t have immediate access to our computers, our smartphones are the next best thing. Luckily, apps have made leaps and bounds when it comes to making our workdays more efficient. Our phones now double up as fax machines, food delivery services, personal assistants and even ATMs.

We rely on a ton of handy apps that help us stay track and organized on a daily basis, and today we’re sharing our absolute favorites with all of you. Because sharing is caring, right?

Keep scrolling for 10 of Team LC’s favorite apps that help make our workday way easier…

1. Venmo
Paying your friends back for lunch has never been easier! Venmo lets you send money for free and transfer funds straight to your connected bank account. Send payments or receive them instantly and don’t worry, this app even has bank-grade security features. 

2. Postmates
Some days leaving the office for lunch can be an inconvenience. So on the days that we forget to pack our own, we use our Postmates app to have food delivered to us. With this app you can order from all of your favorite local eateries (yes, even Starbucks). As soon as your food is ready, a Postmates delivery person delivers your order straight to your doorstep within a few minutes. And it doesn’t stop at food… you can order anything through Postmates (think groceries, gifts, office supplies, etc.). One of our editors recently had Postmates pick up a new computer charger for her from the Apple store. Such a timesaver! 

3. Dropbox
Dropbox has revolutionized the way that we organize and share files, photos, and other documents. If you use Dropbox regularly on your desktop or laptop like we do, do yourself a favorite and download the smartphone app. That way all of your files are right at your fingertips if you don’t have access to your computer.

4. Tiny Scanner
Tiny Scanner is a new find for us and we’re so happy that we discovered it! This app turns your smartphone into a handheld scanner. Just use the app to take a photo of a document (or really anything) and have it converted into a PDF in a snap. For those of you that don’t have access to a fax machine, it’s sister app Tiny Fax can send your documents directly to the recipient’s fax machine too. Now if only there was an app for printing… 

5. TaskRabbit
When life gets busy and two hands just aren’t enough, TaskRabbit is our go-to app. With TaskRabbit you can hire local Taskers to help you clean, organize, move, deliver or run errands. This app is super user-friendly—all you need to do is describe the work that you need done and TaskRabbit will find a screened and vetted Tasker that best suits your request. No need for cash, you can pay directly through the TaskRabbit the app once your task is complete. When time is of the essence and you need help getting everything done, this app is a lifesaver.

6. Doodle: Schedule Maker
Gone are the days where it takes 100 emails to finally set up a meeting time that works for everyone’s individual schedule. With Doodle, setting up a group meeting has never been easier and more efficient! Easily find out when each participant is available and simple set up a meeting time accordingly.

7. Waze
When you’re hopping around town from one meeting to the next, every minute counts. And with Waze, you’re are guaranteed the fastest route to your desired location. And since Waze is a community-based app, you’re constantly updated with potential road hazards and the best way to avoid them. That way you’re less likely to sit in traffic and can make it to your meetings on time. 

8. Mobile Banking App
This one should be a no-brainer! If keeping track of your finances is a priority, be sure to download whichever mobile banking app accommodates your account. That way you can have easy access to your funds, set alerts, and even deposit checks instantly without having to make a trip to the ATM.

9. Sworkit
Carving out time for the gym can be difficult with a full workload. If you sit at a desk all day, the best thing you can do for your body is get up and move! That’s where the Sworkit app comes in handy. This app gives you access to personalized exercise videos that range from 5 to 60 minutes long. During your lunch break you can fit in your choice of cardio, strength training, and even yoga! No more excuses… 

10. Wake Alarm Clock
When traditional alarm clocks just won’t do, download the Wake Alarm Clock app. This app has three different alarm systems based on your preferred wakeup call. Slap and flip mode turns your phone into a traditional alarm clock that you slap the screen to snooze or flip over your phone to turn off. Shake mode forces you to actually shake your phone to silence the alarm, essentially waking your body up from the movement. Lastly, choose swipe mode if you like to keep things simple. The Wake Alarm Clock app allows you to set recurring alarms, play music as your wakeup tone, and gradually gets louder for all of your heavy sleepers out there.

And there you have it! These 10 apps have helped us organize and balance our work life, right from the palms of our hands. We hope they’ll do the same for you!

What are some apps that help make your workday a little bit easier? 

We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments.

XO Team LC

Photos: Jessi Burrone for LaurenConrad.com