Happy Earth Day, everyone! This is a pretty big holiday here at LC.com, as all of us take great pride in living as sustainably as possible. I also do my best to partner with businesses that share the same values when it comes to preservation and sustainability.

When Hannah and I founded The Little Market, one of our main goals was to improve the lives of women around the world by creating sustainable partnerships based on mutual respect and support. We seek out products not only for their beauty, but also for the change they create for the artisans who make them. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are proud to be part of a community that shares our values.

Happy Earth Day!

One of the main principles of Fair Trade is to cultivate environmental stewardship. Today, we celebrate the beautiful world we live in, and remind ourselves of the responsibility we have to care for it. At The Little Market, we are always searching for new products that create a low environmental impact, in the hopes that meeting our needs today does not have to compromise the lives of future generations.

A special Earth Day message from Lauren Conrad

By actively considering the implications of our actions on the world around us, we hope to promote the responsible use of resources throughout the entire trading chain. We pay close attention to what materials are being used in our products, and we partner with artisans who are committed to sustainability. Our artisans reduce, reuse, reclaim and recycle materials whenever possible, and prioritize organic, non-harmful ingredients in their goods.

Here are a handful of my favorite eco-friendly products from The Little Market…

Aqua Stemless Wine Glass

Aqua Stemless Wine Glass, $16
Rose Ann Hall employs artisans, many of whom have disabilities, to create elegantly carved glassware. Each piece is handmade from recycled glass.

Little Bear Baby Beanie

Little Bear Baby Beanie, $28
Women artisans in Bolivia weave soft baby knits using alpaca wool. Indigenous to the Andes, luxurious alpaca wool is highly prized for its warmth, strength, and sustainability. Alpacas are kind to the environment because they graze without destroying root systems, drink less water than other grazers, and produce large amounts of wool in a single season.

Candy Stripe Tote Bag

Candy Stripe Tote Bag, $58
Each of our tote bags is lined with recycled denim, making them both beautiful and sustainable.

Woven Coin Bag

Woven Coin Bag, $22
Our Huipil Collection uses recycled fabric to create colorful bags. Huipils are the traditional blouse worn by Guatemalan women, woven to represent her personality and her heritage. Our artisan partners in Guatemala repurpose huipils that have been worn for 2-6 years to create one-of-a-kind bags. The women cut and sew the recycled huipils from their own homes, turning them into new works of art.

Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag, $20
Remembering to bring your bag when you shop is a simple way to make a smaller footprint. Corr Jute empowers rural women in Bangladesh through handicraft production. Our shopping bag is made using jute, a sustainable and local material. Creating these bags allows the women to supplement their family income while creating environmentally friendly products.

With your help, we can all make our beautiful planet a wonderful place for generations to come.

How are you helping to make a difference this Earth Day? 

Let me know in the comments!

XO Lauren

Photos: Yoni Goldberg