Happy first day of April everyone! We are now two weeks into the spring season and have been noticing a rise in the cropped pants trend. Cropped denim, culottes, and shorter jumpsuits have been all the rage and we’re jumping on board. While it tends to be a look that’s more on the daring side, there are so many styles to choose from that cater to all different tastes and body types. Although today is April Fools day, our latest Chic’s outfit is nothing to joke about…

Congratulations to our latest Chic of the Week, Michaela!

We need this striped jumpsuit

Tortoiseshell sunnies and a striped jumpsuit

Our Chic of the Week struts in stripes

The cutest jumpsuit we ever did see

High neck, low back, and stripes to polish it off… we think that Michaela found the jumpsuit jackpot! What we love most about jumpsuits is that they most always have a defined waist. They are extremely comfortable and flattering all the same. Michaela’s tight topknot, tortoise shell shades, and beaded clutch are just the right elements to add to a bold jumpsuit like hers. You don’t need too many accessories when you have an eye-catching outfit like this! Here’s what Michaela had to say about her look…

I don’t typically wear things that are this revealing (they involve a lot of fashion tape and sticky things), but this jumpsuit was screaming my name and I knew I had to have it.

We adore your style, Michaela, and we’re swooning over your one-of-a-kind jumpsuit! We can’t wait to add spring pieces like yours to our wardrobes!

Are you on board with this spring trend?

Let us know in the comments below!

XO Team LC

P.S. Want a chance to be featured as our next Chic of the Week? Snap a photo wearing your favorite outfit, write a blurb about why you love it, and submit it here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Photos: Carly Mitchell Photography for Making Michaela