This story is from our friends at Tone It Up! In today’s post, Karena and Katrina will be showing you a full body workout using the best on-the-go fitness tool: resistance bands…

The Head-To-Toe Band Workout with Tone It Up!

Hey everyone! It’s Karena and Katrina here from Tone It Up. If you have been on the search for a fresh new way to target every single muscle group—you’re in luck! With hectic schedules and little time to get to the gym, getting a really effective sweat session can be tough. But we have a favorite, simple fitness tool that can do the trick: resistance bands. These gems are ideal when traveling since they easily tuck away in your suitcase. Plus, a set of bands can recreate the toning powers of the gym at home.

Today we’re showing you some ultra effective exercises using resistance band to target abs, legs, arms and booty. These moves deliver amazing results, and you’ll be getting your heart rate up too! Translation: Major calorie burn. Let’s go…

Are you going to give this workout a try?

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XO Team LC

Photos: Tone It Up