Helping Hand: Happy World Water Day
Happy H2O Day, everyone! All of us use water every single day. It’s an essential part of our routine-from brushing our teeth to cooking and showering, and we literally couldn’t live without it. Yet it’s easy to take water for granted. So why not have a day to celebrate how important water is in our life? Well today, March 22, marks World Water Day, so we wanted to take a moment and think about this precious resource we can’t live without.

In 1993, the United Nations first designated March 22 as World Water Day to bring attention to water issues and promote responsible management of freshwater sources. And it continues to be an important day to recognize how important water is to all of us—and think about how we can do our part to conserve it.

Helping Hand: Happy World Water Day

Lauren and her friend Hannah’s online fair trade shop The Little Market works with artisan groups who not only create beautiful handmade products, but also provide important resources to their artisans—such as filtered water. One of The Little Market’s artisan partners, Maya Traditions, is based in Panajachel, Guatemala, a place that has been special to Lauren and Hannah ever since they got to visit two years ago.

Many of their weavers are able to work from their homes in cooperatives in rural communities. It’s difficult for them to access clean water. Maya Traditions has been able to secure water filters that give the women and their families access to safe drinking water. All they need to do is add water to the filters—whether it’s tap water, or from a river or lake.

The Little Market is proud to support important initiatives like the ones at Maya Traditions. Head over to to learn more about global statistics on water, and what you can do to help conserve water and protect freshwater sources.

How are you honoring World Water Day?

Team LC is vowing to take a shorter shower and skip watering our flowers to save a little extra H2O. Let us know how you’re going to observe World Water Day in the comments below!

XO Team LC

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