Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the lovely ladies out there! Today is a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world and also to recognize that we still have a long way to go. And most importantly, it’s a day to remind us of the importance of women supporting other women. In the past century, women in America have gained the right to vote, become a powerful force in the corporate world, fought for equal legislative rights, and have become a majority of college graduates. Yet in many parts of the world, women are still fighting for these rights as well as many others. Globally, women’s education and health as well as violence against them is worse than their male counterparts.

A special message from Lauren Conrad on International Women's Day

A closer look at The Little Market

We founded The Little Market with the mission of empowering women around the world by bringing their beautiful goods to a wider audience. We hope to allow talented artisans to earn a fair income and support their families as well as open the door to education, healthcare, and business ownership. Women artisans are often able to work from home while caring for their families and can use the extra income to send their children to school. Oftentimes these children will be the first generation to graduate from high school.

Here's to International Women's Day

We love traveling around the world to find new groups of talented women. On our most recent trip to Mexico we discovered a group of artisans weaving gorgeous textiles on traditional looms. Each woman uses techniques that have been passed down to her for generations, making these goods unlike any others. We are so excited to begin carrying their colorful pillows. They make beautiful accent pieces in a bedroom or living room.

How The Little Market is empowering women all over the world

Every good sold at The Little Market helps improve the life of the woman who made it. By providing steady employment, these goods are more than just beautiful décor. They can be the key to helping a woman reach opportunities that millions of women before her may not have had. You can make a difference in these women’s lives by thinking globally and shopping for change!

Women artisans in Mexico

Take a peek at the highlights of our recent trip to Mexico here, and be sure to visit our website to shop all of our new products!

XO Lauren

Photos: Yoni Goldberg