The new hair trend that's taking salons by storm

Photo Courtesy of Allure Magazine

You’ve probably heard the term tortoiseshell before. While sunglasses are usually the first thing that come to mind for me, today we’re talking hair trends. Tortoiseshell hair, or ‘ecaille’ as the pros call it, is a mixture of dark hues and sun-kissed strands rolled into one pretty package. While the ombré look is still in high demand, the tortoiseshell trend is taking salons by storm. So who is this new contender in the beauty world? Keep scrolling to find out…

Unlike a classic ombré, tortoiseshell hair is a harmonious blend of dark and light. That way there isn’t a stark contrast in color and each strand flows seamlessly into the next. Subtle shades of golden blonde are typically balayaged throughout a darker base color (warm tones like chestnut or honey blonde) and are not just found on the tips like an ombré. Think face-framing highlights and hair that looks like you just got back from a luxurious vacation. Yes please! Not to worry, this trend looks just as gorgeous on lighter hair as it does a brunette.

Similar to an ombré, the tortoiseshell look has roots that blend well into the rest of the hair. That makes this trend a pretty low maintenance hairstyle for all of you gals that don’t want to spend a pretty penny every 4-6 weeks. And for those of you that are still rocking an ombré color, tortoiseshell hair is an easy transition and perfect for summer. I know I’ll be jumping on board…

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Carter Smith/Allure