Wedding Bells: DIY Table Numbers

This DIY comes from the lovely Courtney Shannon, professional calligrapher and owner of POPPYjack SHOP. Not only does Courtney help brides adorn their weddings with her beautiful calligraphy, but she’s also planning her own special day! Keep scrolling to see a gorgeous DIY that she’s planning on incorporating into her own wedding…

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Wedding season is upon us—there’s no doubt about it! This year I’m even more invested in all of the trends and DIY projects floating around because I’m a bride-to-be myself! After making most of our bigger decisions for the (venue, date, etc.) I knew I wanted to get started early on my DIY projects, including this one!

Table numbers are one of the first impressions you can make on your guests during the reception. Whether you have an escort card display or a simple seating chart, your guests are on a mission to find that number they’re assigned to. So why not make it amazing?! Being a calligrapher, I’m a fan of anything in script so I decided to spell out my numbers. Keep scrolling to see what you’ll need to make these one of a kind, cutout table numbers…

Create your own wedding table numbers with this easy tutorial


  • digital cutting machine (I swear by my Silhouette Cameo)
  • chipboard
  • colored cardstock of your choice
  • wooden craft sticks
  • glue stick
  • glue dots
  • brush pen and paper
  • scanner or scanning app

Materials that you'll need to create your own table numbers


1. Write out all of the numbers that you will need. To maximize my efficiency and paper, I tried to fit all of mine onto one page. I used a Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip brush pen to create the thick and thin lines of my words, creating the calligraphy illusion without an actual pointed pen.

2. Scan in your numbers and digitize. I always use a scanning app on my phone (this one is called “Genius Scan,” aka my life saver) to easily take a photo, convert it to a black and white scan, save it to my camera roll as a photo, and email it over to my laptop. From there I place the image in my Adobe Illustrator and hit image trace, expand, click on the white space with my magic wand tool, delete, and voila! Now my numbers are digital vectors!

Create your own wedding table numbers using these simple steps

3. After the image is saved, I bring it into my Silhouette Studio and lay it out on a 12×12 cutting area. I choose the area I want to trace, click through my options and choose chipboard in my cut settings, change the settings of my machine to exactly what it tells me to, and send to cut! I do this four times total so that I have four layers of each number to stack on top of each other. After I finish with the chipboard, I change my settings to heavy cardstock and send my piece of bullion/ginger paper from envelopments through to be cut as well.

Easy DIY wedding table numbers

How to create your own table numbers for your wedding

4. Separate the chipboard into stacks of two and glue one on top of the other. You should now have three piles: stacked chipboard, stacked chipboard, and colored cardstock. Grab one of your craft sticks and wrap two glue dots around the top. Take your two stacks of chipboard and stack them on top of each other with the stick in the middle. Glue the insides together to wrap around the stick.

For the DIY bride...

Create your own table numbers with this simple tutorial from

The cutest DIY table numbers

5. Finish off your piece with your colored cardstock as your top layer to give it a finished look! Grab your table centerpiece, like this gorgeous one from Sarah at Catalina Neal (who is doing flowers for my own wedding—lucky me!), and stick it right in the middle. Now your table number flows seamlessly with your table decor!

Chic DIY table numbers for the crafty bride

Not really tech savvy or don’t have Adobe Illustrator to vector your own writing? I’ve made my hand-lettered table numbers available for digital download on my site for only $0.99 for a limited time! Grab them here!

A special thank you again to Courtney for sharing her craftiness with us!

XO Team LC

DIY & Lettering: POPPYjack Shop
Photography: Megan Welker Photography
Florist: Catalina Neal