Today one of Team LC’s very favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blondewill be sharing an original beauty post with all of you! Amber’s braids and updos are what our hair dreams are made of, so you can imagine why we’re excited to have her contribute today’s post. Keep reading to see her hair tutorial (and be sure to give her a warm welcome to in the comments below!)…

The 1-Minute Knotted Half-Updo with Amber Fillerup

Hi guys, its Amber here from Barefoot Blonde! I am back again to share another hairstyle with you. This one is so great because it takes only a minute to do, which is always a plus for those lazy days when you want to look put together. This style can be worn with curled hair, straight hair, beach waves, natural kink with surf spray—whatever you want. I hope you guys like it. Be sure to tag me @amberfillerup and @laurenconrad_com on Instagram if you give it a try!

The 1-Minute Knotted Half-Updo Tutorial

1. Start by taking two pieces of hair from each side of your head and pulling them backwards until they cross over each other.

How to recreate Barefoot Blonde's pretty half-updo...

This beautiful half-updo will only take you one minute!

2. After you’ve crossed them over, loop one over the other to make a simple knot (like the first knot you make when you tie your shoelace). Then, use a bobby pin to pin the knot in place at the back of your head.

The easiest hair tutorial you'll see all week.

Barefoot Blonde is teaching us a thing or two about half-updos...

3. Use a second bobby pin to secure the knot, and try to push the bobby pins in so that your hair is covering them. And there you have it! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

This half-updo is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Thanks for sharing today’s tutorial Amber! Now excuse us while we go give it a try ourselves…

Do you have any hairstyle requests for Amber’s next tutorial?

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XO Team LC

Photos: David and Amber Fillerup for Barefoot Blonde