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Lauren Conrad's Favorite Gym Bags

I wish I could say that my health was always enough of a motivating factor to work out. But even though I know how good exercise is for my body, sometimes I need a little extra push to get me out of the house and to the gym. When I get in a workout rut, new exercise gear usually does the trick. It makes me excited to work out again, so that I can use my new goodies.

The lastest piece of workout gear on my wish list has been a really good gym bag. While you could make do with any old tote bag, a really good gym bag has a few things that tote bags don’t. Some of the criteria I look for in a gym bag are that it’s cute; easy to clean; lightweight; durable; made of a breathable fabric; and has separate compartments to store things like sweaty clothes and shoes. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I found several bags below that fit the bill. So check them out below, and get excited for your next trip to the gym…

Our favorite gym bag!

1. Work It Out Gym Bag, $28
This one wins for most fun gym bag. It’s a part of’s brand new collection of fitness accessories, and I love it. I can always count on to put a cute spin on practical pieces.

Nike Victory Gym Club Metallic Duffel Bag

2. Nike Victory Gym Club Metallic Duffel Bag, $100
Mixed metallics are one of the trends I’m loving this season. This shiny silver duffel would make a great addition to my winter wardrobe and beyond. It has a separate wet/dry shoe compartment and is made of water-resistant nylon.

POVERTY FLATS by rian Sport Duffel Bag

3. POVERTY FLATS by rian Sport Duffel Bag, $80
This color-blocked bag is so sleek it almost doesn’t look like a gym bag. But with its spacious interior and removable pouch, it’s great for holding everything you need for a workout.

Lululemon Urban Sanctuary Bag

4. Lululemon Urban Sanctuary Bag, $128
If yoga is your workout of choice, this is the gym bag for you. In addition to front pockets for your phone and water bottle, it has a removable yoga mat strap and a large wet/dry pocket for sweaty gear.

Athleta Go To Gym Bag

5. Athleta Go To Gym Bag, $128
This one is a bit of a splurge, but it has all the bells and whistles that I look for in a gym bag. I’m talking a removable pocket for carrying hot hair tools, stretchy mesh pockets for water bottles, yoga mat carrying straps, and a padded laptop pocket.

Topshop Barrell Mesh Luggage

6. Topshop Barrell Mesh Luggage, $70
This bag is made of breathable mesh, and has a cool, edgy vibe. It’s a great studio-to-street option that you could also use for an overnight trip.

MZ Wallace Large Sutton Quilted Oxford Nylon Shoulder Tote

7. MZ Wallace Large Sutton Quilted Oxford Nylon Shoulder Tote, $245
This one isn’t necessarily designed to be a gym bag, but it would make a pretty stylish one! It’s made of Nylon, which means it’s easy to clean. It also comes with three smaller zip pouches that can be used for separating your toiletries from your gym socks.

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Small

8. Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Small, $35
This classic sports duffel comes in a fun, bright pink color. It’s spacious enough inside to hold a towel, a couple changes of clothes, shoes, a water bottle, and more.

Which one of these bags is in your shopping cart?

I hope your new bag motivates you to hit the gym today!

XO Lauren

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