Primp Tip: The 5 Best Hair Products for Your Halloween Costume

If Halloween is your favorite holiday (like it is mine), then you fully intend on going all out this year. Now you know that I love a good DIY project, so each year I prefer to construct a homemade costume with the end goal of topping last year’s creation. There aren’t too many opportunities throughout the year to dress as outrageously as you want to, so I make sure not to hold back on the crazy when Halloween rolls around! If you’re planning on playing tricks and eating lots of treats the whole night through, you’re going to want your beauty products to last just as long as the festivities.

Luckily today’s post is all about the best temporary hair products for your Halloween costume. Don’t think that the Bride of Frankenstein achieved that ‘do without some really great hairspray! If you’re looking to temporarily dye your hair, add a frightening amount of volume, or keep your hair in place, then this post is for you! Keep scrolling to see which hair products you should be using with your Halloween costume…

1. Colorful Hair Chalk
If you’ve been curious about coloring your hair without the long-term commitment, hair chalk is the perfect way to add temporary color to your strands. There are a couple ways to go about chalking your hair. The most way of doing this is using soft pastels found at your nearest craft store. If your hair is dark or untreated, you’ll need to wet your hair in the areas that you want to color. If you have lighter strands (that’s you, blondies!), skip this step or else the color will remain for a few more washes. Strand by strand run the soft pastels up and down your hair until you’ve reached your desired color.

Another way you can go about chalking your hair is with Bumble and Bumble Spraychalk. This spray works perfectly on dry hair and comes in the prettiest pastel colors. It also washes out after one shampoo so don’t worry about scaring your coworkers when you return to work on Monday!

2. Extreme Hold Hairspray
If your Halloween costume requires some spooktacular hair, extreme hold hairspray is going to be your best friend. I’m not talking about hairspray that makes your locks touchably soft, I’m talking about hairspray that’s a 10 on the intense hold scale. John Frieda Frizz Ease Keraforce Intense Hold Hairspray promises to make sure that even the hardest to hold hairstyles will stay put all day long.

3. Styling Gel
Similar to extreme hold hairspray, styling gel will keep your locks in place for hours on end. Manic Panic Dye Hard Styling Gel is a combination of temporary hair color and a styling gel. No need to panic over this color, it will wash out in just one shampoo. If you’re looking for more of a sleek look be sure to comb your hair into place before the gel dries. If you’re looking to temporarily dye your hair, add the gel into your hair little by little. Blow dry while continuously running your brush through your hair and you should be good to go! If you’re looking for a great styling gel that’s all hold and sans color, D:FI Extreme Hold Styling Cream should do the trick!

4. Glitter
It wouldn’t be a holiday without the queen of all crafty supplies…glitter! In my opinion, all costumes can be made better with a hint of sparkle. If you agree, then you need a good glitter hairspray in your life. If you’re looking to add some sparkle without the hold of a hairspray, I recommending getting your hands on some Sally Girl Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter. This glitter comes in every color you can imagine and can also be used on hair or body. Win win!

5. Texturizing Spray
My last product recommendation to achieve crazy Halloween hair is something you can most likely find in your powder room already. Texturizing spray will help you accomplish the perfect messy hairdo for your fright night festivities. Texturizing spray is a combination of hairspray and dry shampoo and will give you a tousled look, unlike the hairsprays and gels above that will leave your hair in place all night long.

Does your Halloween costume call for any crazy hair?

I want to hear what your costumes are in the comments!

Team LC

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