Should you wear your Halloween costume to work? We've got the answer...

If you’re like me, you look forward to dressing up for Halloween all year long. And while I’m sure you’ll be wearing your cute costumes to some pretty lovely parties, there’s always the question of whether or not to dress up at work. This is a question that a lot of my friends and business colleagues always struggle with, so I decided to put together a few pointers for all of you young professionals out there…

Rule No. 1: Tone It Down

If you go all out for Halloween, you may want to tone down your Halloween costume for work. Even if your office encourages dressing up, remember that it is still a workday after all. You shouldn’t show up wearing anything that will be too distracting to yourself or your colleagues. This means skipping the fake nails you can’t type in, or the mask you can’t see your screen in. And anything that looks too over the top could make it hard for your coworkers to focus. Also, racy or provocative costumes are a definite no-no. Almost everyone I know has been guilty of dressing up like a sexy something for one Halloween or another. But at the office you should be as buttoned-up as you are any other day of the year. Any costume that falls into the last-minute-costume category is a safe bet, since it uses pieces you can find in your normal, work-appropriate wardrobe.

Rule No. 2: Be a Part of the Fun

Just like you don’t want to overdo it, you also don’t want to be the spoilsport who didn’t dress up at all. Show your colleagues (and boss!) that you are fun, festive, and a good ambassador of the company culture. Especially if you are anyone’s boss, it reflects well on your management skills to be a part of whatever festivities your office has planned. It’s OK if you don’t feel like wearing a full-on costume. But if your office is celebrating Halloween, try to throw on some face paint or a cute pair of animal ears at the very least.

Rule No. 3: Be P.C.

While your close friends might tolerate an off-color joke, it is important to be 100 percent politically correct at work. Be mindful that your costume doesn’t reference any racial or gender stereotypes. HR will not find it as funny as your college buddies do. This might seem obvious, but every year there is some public figure in the news who crosses the line with their Halloween costume. And when I attend Halloween parties, I always see at least once costume that was in poor taste. Keep it classy, ladies!

I hope these tips help you navigate the delicate situation that is dressing up for Halloween at work. Have fun with it, but be professional too. And when in doubt, throw on some cat ears and call it a day!

Are you going to dress up at your office?

Let me know what you plan on wearing tomorrow!

XO Lauren

Photo: Stephanie Todaro Photography