It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just a few short days away! While I typically like to plan my outfit a couple of weeks in advanced (have you seen this year’s costume yet?), I know that there are some last minute gals out there. Instead of stressing over an elaborate costume, I challenge you to open up your wardrobe and see what you can make due with. Below I’ve listed four costume ideas to get your mind headed in the right direction! From a world famous wild child to everyone’s favorite emoji, there’s something for everyone on this list…

Pebbles Flintstone

This little miss was a bit of a wild child on The Flintstones. That being said, consider this your opportunity to break out any animal print pieces you may have regardless of whether or not they match. If you’re a dog owner, put one of your dog’s (unused) bones in a messy bun as the final touch.

Last Minute Costume Ideas: Pebbles Flintstone |

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As if you didn’t already use emojis excessively…now you can dress up like one for Halloween! One of my personal favorites has to be the dancing twin girls (obviously symbolizing you and your favorite gal pal). This is a pretty simple costume to duplicate, all you need is a black leotard, nylons, a giant bow, and your bestie!

Last Minute Costume Ideas: Emoji |

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For all of my monochromatic mavens out there, this costume is for you. Creating a mime is one of the easiest costumes you can pull out of your closet. All you need is a striped tee and black jeans! For the finishing touches, whiten your face with paint or light foundation and coat on the black eyeliner.

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Who would have thought that October would be the perfect time to break out your swimsuit? While I know that most people instantly think Baywatch when I say “lifeguard,” this year’s costume was inspired by none other than Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot. All you need is a red one-piece swimsuit, white sunglasses, and a big red bow. Don’t forget the red nail polish!

Last Minute Costume Ideas: Lifeguard |

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Hopefully these costumes will come in handy for some of you this weekend. If you’re still in the market for a Halloween costume, be sure to check out our last minute ideas from previous years. You can find those here and here!

What do you think? Do you have any last minute Halloween costume ideas? 

I’d love to hear them in the comments!

XO Lauren