Well ladies, your time is almost up! Halloween is tomorrow. Do you have your costume planned yet? I’m sure you’ve been keeping up with Lauren’s annual Halloween costume and all of our other fun, last minute ideas on the blog. While our last Chic of the Week made our mouths water with her DIY ice cream cone costume, this week’s Chic has an ensemble that is putting hearts in our eyes. It’s no surprise that the rest of Team LC and I are all about finding inspiration in our own closets, so we were instantly smitten with this costume tutorial. If you have a pretty tulle skirt and a deck of cards lying around the house, this DIY costume is for you! Keep scrolling to see what I mean…

Say hello to our latest Chic, Haley!

Haley's DIY Queen of Hearts costume!

Queen of Hearts Costume

Here’s what you will need:

The materials you'll need to create the chicest Queen of Hearts costume.

Haley’s Instructions:

For the felt hearts:

1. First, make a template for the heart shapes.

2. Next, use the heart template and trace 3 hearts onto red felt and 3 hearts onto a piece of felt that is stiffer than the red.

3. Cut out all 6 hearts and glue them together.

4. Using safety pins, attach the hearts onto your skirt fabric and only pin through the stiff felt backing.

For the card clutch:

No Queen of Hearts costume would be complete without a card clutch.

1. I used a patent leather clutch I already had. On the back of it, I used Zotsto attach the cards (Zots are perfect because you can peel them off after Halloween!). Just be careful when taking them off, peel them off very slowly so the fabric doesn’t rip.

For the card crown:

DIY Queen of Hearts card crown.

1. Cut out crown template.

2. Using a hot glue gun (or stapler), glue the cards onto the paper crown. Make sure you cover the entire piece of paper.

3. Trim the cards to the shape of the crown template. Optional: peel the paper template off. This worked both times that I made this. The hot glue doesn’t stick well to the waxy cards, so use staples to reinforce them just in case!

DIY Queen of Hearts costume complete with card crown.

4. Staple the crown together and then staple a small piece of ribbon on each side of the inside of the crown. Optional: Glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the crown to finish the edge.

5. To secure the crown on your head, use a small hair clip. Make sure the clip goes over both the ribbon inside of the crown as well as your hair.

Who knew that you could use your favorite LC Lauren Conrad pieces as a Halloween costume?

Have the HAPPIEST Halloween yet!

That’s a wrap for our Halloween DIYs this year! Congrats to all of the lovely ladies that submitted their creative and chic ideas. Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!

What are you dressing up as this weekend?

Team LC

P.S. Next week we’re back to our regular Chic of the Week posts and we want to feature you! Snap a photo of you in your favorite outfit, write a blurb about why you love it, and submit it here!

Photos: me and mr. jones