You all know how the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” I admit that I keep this in mind when my sweet tooth is out of control (can you say Halloween candy?) and today’s costume submission could not be a more accurate depiction of this quote. Being a food blogger, this week’s Chic decided that it would only be natural if her Halloween costume followed suit. Complete with rainbow sprinkles and an ice cream cone headband, scroll down to see how Amanda handmade the cutest ice cream costume. Trust me when I say that you’ll be craving a sundae afterwards…

Ice Cream Cone Costume

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume |

Here’s what you will need:

  • white top
  • white tulle (1-2 spools)
  • white dress slip
  • thick belt
  • colorful popsicle sticks/wooden dowels
  • gold cardstock
  • ribbon or a headband
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • hole punch

How to make the cutest ice cream cone costume! |

Amanda’s Instructions:

1. Cut. Start on your tutu by snipping strips of the tulle. I cut mine into 64 inches pieces since I am 5’11”. You want to cut it at double the length of what you want for your skirt. You will most likely use at least 1 full spool, so you can cut the whole thing.

2. Tie. One by one fold your tulle pieces in half, wrap the folded end around your belt and pull the loose ends through the folded end creating a slipknot. Continue to do so with each piece of tulle. Make sure to pull tightly and push the looped part close together. Use as much tulle as you need to fill the entire belt.

Step-by-step instructions to make the cutest ice cream cone costume!

How this week's Chic created her DIY ice cream cone costume.

3. Glue. Hang up your top and your newly made tutu (you may need to trim some of the pieces that are too long). Plug in your glue gun and start pasting Popsicle sticks onto both articles of clothing. Have fun and get crazy! Place the sticks wherever you want and use as many as you want. Be careful not to glue the tulle pieces together nor glue the back of your top to the front.

Popsicle stick sprinkles for a DIY ice cream cone costume. |

4. Roll. Pick up your cardstock and roll it into a cone shape. Use your hot glue gun to set it in place. Cut off the corners to give it a flat bottom. Use your hole punch and make two holes across from each other in the base of the cone. Feed your headband or ribbon through the holes.

Waffle cone headband for this week's DIY Halloween costume. |

5. Dress up! Put on that slip, grab some fun shoes, and put on your newly made costume. Oh and don’t forget your extra large spoon you just happen to have sitting around…

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume.

No ice cream costume would be complete without a giant spoon!

Being a food blogger means I spend a lot of time around delicious food. My favorite food being ice cream, I suppose I may be eating too much because this Halloween I have officially become what I eat. But I’m not mad about it. This tutorial can be customized for any flavor of ice cream or really any sweet treat you wouldn’t mind throwing some jimmies onto! Oh and for those stubborn significant others or friends who hate to dress up, just throw an apron on them and hand them an ice cream scooper! You’re now a complete set.

See how this food blogger dressed up as her favorite treat!

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the sweetest costumes I’ve ever seen (pun intended)! Thank you so much Amanda for sharing your Halloween costume with us!

Remember: There’s only one week left to submit your DIY Halloween costume and we want to feature you! Submit your costume here with step-by-step instructions and photos of your finished product!

What are you being for Halloween?

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Team LC

Photos: feed me with amanda