Today we are welcoming to the site one of Team LC’s very favorite bloggers, Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde. Amber’s braids and updos are what our hair dreams are made of. We’re so excited to have her contribute today’s post! Keep reading to see her hair tutorial (and be sure to give her a warm welcome to in the comments below!)…

Hair How-To: The Double Dutch Braid Bun
Hi everyone! I am Amber from Barefoot Blonde and @amberfillerup on Instagram. My husband and I live in New York City with our 15-month old, and I am having a baby girl in November! Follow along with more of my blogs over at Barefoot Blonde!

Today I am excited to be sharing a braided messy bun with you. It is one of those styles that you can’t really mess up because it has an “undone” feel to it and can be as messy as you want it to be. Hope you guys like it! Take a peek at the steps below…

1. Dutch braid both sides of a middle part and tie them off with a clear elastic.
Step-By-Step Tutorial for The Double Dutch Braid Bun
2. Pull apart/pancake both braids to make them nice and chunky.
Step-By-Step Hair Tutorial
3. With the remaining hair in back, section off a small section (about three inches starting from the bottom of your hairline) and braid that into a three-strand braid.
Step-By-Step Barefoot Blonde Hair Tutorial
4. Take the hair above the braid you just made and the two Dutch braids and create a messy bun.
How to Get the Perfect Messy Bun Braid
5. Wrap the three-strand braid around the messy bun.
The Double Dutch Messy Bun Braid | How To
6. Pin the ends in place and hairspray. And you’re done!
How to Do the Messy Bun Double Dutch Braid | LaurenConrad.comHair How-To: The Double Dutch Braid Bun
Thanks for today’s post, Amber! We truly love it.

Will you give Amber’s braided bun a try?

XO Team LC


Photos: David and Amber Fillerup for Barefoot Blonde