Beauty School: The Perfect Boho Braid for Curly Hair

Hello Lauren Conrad Readers! It’s Maritza Buelvas of Beauty For Bloggers here today with seven reasons why this fresh boho braid should be your go-to hairstyle for the dog days of summer. This super easy double braid will make any outfit pop, and it’s the perfect solution for all of our curly haired girls out there. It’ a no-muss, no-fuss ‘do that you can do yourself any day of the week. Ready to try it? Let me talk you through it. But first, here are a few reasons why you will love it…

The perfect boho braid for curly hair.

The Boho Braid for Curly-Haired Girls

  • It works on textured, curly or straight hair
  • You can easily DIY it in front of the mirror (braids rest in front vs. the back of the head)
  • It’s quick and messy—this look shines with haphazard ‘un-perfect’ braids
  • You can rock a fishtail on one side and a French braid on the other (like we did here)
  • No heat styling necessary
  • It’s light on product, so it’s great for the environment
  • Works on wet or dry hair

Have curly hair? We've got the perfect braid tutorial for you!

What You Will Need:

…Not much—consider this an added perk!

  • two elastics (for the ends only—keep look organic—don’t use elastics at the top of each braid)
  • a little spritz of molding and holding spray like this one

An easy (and chic!) boho braid.


1. Stand in front of the mirror and part hair in two sections (on each side of your head).

2. Spray both parted sections with a little molding spray.

3. Tease both sections just a little bit to allow braids to mold and hold easily.

4. Create a different braid on each side (I created a fishtail on the right, a French on the left).

This one is for all of our curly haired girls...

5. Tie both braided sections with elastic bands that match your hair color.

6. Tug at both braids to widen their look. This step gives your braids an editorial, boho feel.

7. Don’t be afraid to tug horizontally and vertically to create texture and dimension.

8. Set with a tiny bit of holding spray, and you’re good to go!

A low maintenance, boho braid.

Remember, your braids don’t have to be perfect—the goal of this hairstyle is to look you didn’t spend a lot of time on it. Though, we still guarantee all eyes will be on you!

Tell us, will you be sporting this fresh festival-inspired look?

And thank you again to Martiza for sharing yet another cute hair tutorial!

XO Team LC

Hair by Maritza Buelvas
Makeup by Debra Petrielli
Styling by Megan Koranda and Cassandra Eldridge
Boho Bracelets by Busy Wrist
Photography by Cassandra Eldridge
Modeling by Lindsey Gonzalez