How to Host: A Summertime Pool Party

These days, it feels like Team LC is really growing up: Between weddings, babies and puppies, we’ve all been hitting some big life milestones lately (and awesome ones, at that). So, we’ve come to realize that when an opportunity arises for us to get together and have good old-fashioned quality time together, we don’t hesitate to take it. The other day, one of us mentioned how we hadn’t been to a pool party in the longest time. We’re talking your quintessential summertime kinda pool party—pool floats, snacks, sunshine and girlfriends. We decided to take matters into our own hands and surrendered our big girl lives for an afternoon to have ourselves some fun in the sun (no laptops or iPhones allowed!).

A summer soiree.

It was the perfect Los Angeles day for it, since the thermometer nearly crawled up to triple digits that afternoon. We ended up having so much fun that we snapped a few photos and documented our tips on how we hosted this soiree. From delicious snacks, like fresh watermelon and Sriracha flavored almonds, courtesy of our friends at Blue Diamond Almonds, to a punchy playlist, we think we can now say that we’ve perfected the art of the pool party.

Take a peek below to see some fun photos from our day in the sun and tips on how you can host your own poolside party…

A great party starts with the guest list!

1. Get your guest list down.
First things first: When you’re throwing any kind of party, it all starts with the guest list. Whether it’s an intimate gathering with your closest friends or a blow out bash, narrow down your list of friends or family members who are going to attend. Also, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone—bringing different groups of friends together is a great way to get your guests to meet and mingle. We kept our party on the smaller side and had so much fun catching up with each other.

Specialized décor adds personality to your party!

2. Have fun with your décor.
Special décor can really add a personalized touch to your pool party. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but it’s nice for your guests to feel like they are escaping somewhere fun for the day. We had pool floats and pool toys ready, and made sure there were areas where our friends could relax in the shade when they wanted a break from the sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, we’re big fans of sun protection around here. We put together a little “sunscreen station” by filling a Little Market with different levels of SPF so that guests to easily lather up and avoid a sunburn. And lastly, having fresh flowers in strategic areas around the pool or on the snack table will breathe life into your party décor as well.

Serve the right snacks at your next pool party.

The perfect summer snack!

3. Serve the right snacks.
We wanted to have healthy snacks readily available that tasted delicious but wouldn’t make our guests feel bloated in their bikinis (because who wants that?). Almonds are one of Team LC’s favorite snacks—they’re a good source of protein and healthy fat, and are great for satisfying that salty craving. So, we decided to serve some of Blue Diamond Almonds’ flavors at our poolside bash.

There are so many yummy flavors to choose from when it comes to Blue Diamond almonds!

We displayed several different flavors in bowls around our snack table and had fun hearing which ones our guests liked best. Our personal favorites included Salt ‘n Vinegar, Sriracha and Honey Dijon. In fact, you could say it turned into a bit of a taste test with us all comparing flavors! We also served chips and guacamole, slices of watermelon, cherries, grapes and strawberries.

Fruit and almonds are a match made in heaven.

Poolside snacks on a hot day.

How to host a summer soiree.

4. Set up a drink station.
Once your snacks are set, you will want to serve a refreshing beverage so that guests have something hydrating to sip on, especially when it’s so hot outside. We love using drink dispensers to make fruit-infused waters. We served strawberry-cucumber-mint, orange-lemon, and cherry-mint (click here for more of our favorite infused water recipes). Just add paper straws and you’ll be ready to sip! Tip: Always make sure that your guests are only drinking out of plastic cups to avoid any glass catastrophes near the pool.

Set up a flavorful drink station at your next pool party.

What could be better than a summer pool party on a hot day?

5. Get your playlist perfected.
An awesome playlist can make the difference between a great party and an awesome party. Make sure you have your tunes ready to go and a (preferably wireless) speaker to play them. Click here to see some of Team LC’s favorite playlists for your next pool party.

Pool party rule #1: Have fun!

6. Have fun!
With tasty snacks, refreshing drinks, fun music and good friends, your pool party will be a hit. Especially if a watermelon pool float is involved…

How to host a summer pool party by

Grab you friends and a colorful pool float, we're throwing the best summer soiree!

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Let us know in the comments below! And a big thank you to Blue Diamond Almonds for providing us with their delicious flavored almonds for our party. We loved trying the Salt ‘n Vinegar and Sriracha flavors, and we highly recommend trying the Wasabi & Soy Sauce and Honey Roasted cinnamon almonds too (click here to scoop up some of your own!).

XO Team LC

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