Friday Favorites

My favorite day of the week has arrived! And speaking of favorites, in true Friday fashion I’ve pulled together a handful of things that have been inspiring me lately. Take a peek below to see them all…

Favorite Inspired Idea (wallpaper cakes by Alana Jones-Mann):

Favorite Inspired Idea: Palm print wallpaper cakes via Alana Jones-Mann.

This palm print wallpaper cake via Alana Jones-Mann is too beautiful to eat!

Wallpaper cake via Alana Jones-Mann.

Favorite Find (this customizable layered necklace from Etsy store Bip & Bop):

Favorite Find: This customizable layering necklace by Bip & Bop.

Favorite Notebook (this pretty floral one by

Favorite Notebook: This floral one from!

Favorite Destination (Positano in Italy, captured by Dreams in HD):

Favorite Destination: Positano, Italy via Dreams in HD.

Favorite Pup:

What favorites have you found lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Lauren 

Photos: Alana Jones-Mann, Bip & Bop,, Dreams in HD