Checking In: My 2015 Summer Boot Camp Plan

Can you believe it’s almost been a month since we started this year’s #LCSummerBootCamp? The summer sure is flying by. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been working pretty hard to stick to the guidelines. We printed out our schedules (find it here) and have done our exercises almost every day. We’ve also been good overall about staying on track with meals as well, but there have been a few unexpected slip-ups here and there: going out to dinner with the girls, Sunday brunch, and maybe an ice cream once or twice (oops!). But a few indulgences are normal and Lauren actually encourages them on this plan. Overall, it’s gone pretty well for us!

We’re really curious to hear how you have all been doing with our Boot Camp Plan. If you’re like us, this little check-in comes at the perfect time to get motivated all over again. To help you reflect on where you are with your goals thus far, here are a few questions for you:

What has been your biggest challenge with Boot Camp so far?

What’s your favorite meal from the Boot Camp approved menu?

Have you found any tricks for staying on track with the plan?

Are you seeing and feeling any results yet?

We’ve said this in the past and we’ll say it again: It takes two weeks to make a habit that sticks. That means that even if eating healthy or exercising regularly feels like a challenge in the beginning, it will get easier if you stay with it for about 14 days. We’re taking today’s check-in as an opportunity to reevaluate our goals and try to really make our new habits stick. If you need more inspiration, you can check out our health and fitness section of the blog for more workouts and healthy tips. And be sure to check out our Get Fit board on Pinterest, too!

As a little extra inspiration, today we’ll be sharing some of our favorite motivation tips from our friend and nutritionist Kelly LeVeque

Midway Motivation Tips

1. Find the Nearest Stair Workout.
Unlike a going to a workout class, doing a stair workout allows you to have a flexible start and end time, do your sweat sesh sans equipment and bring along a workout buddy for free. Most stairs are outdoors in natural light or lit up and have people climbing them at all hours. You get the energy of working out with others and they are a challenge you can increase on your own. “Just one more…!”

2. Pack in the Protein.
When you’re on the go, pack a blender bottle and individual chocolate or vanilla protein packs in your bag to take with you for the day. Then, when you have low blood sugar or start to feel like you need a snack, sweet treats are delivered to work or you are headed to a tapas style dinner or party, drink a protein based drink first. “You will feel more relaxed around the food, eat less overall and avoid caving to cravings,” Kelly says.

3. Bring Your Workout With You.
Kelly recommends keeping your old Nikes in your trunk—odds are the soles are still pretty sturdy and they can easily get you through one more workout. “Make no excuse to miss a workout,” says Kelly. “If you want to be super prepared throw one old outfit in the bag as well.” That way, you’ll never be able to tell yourself that you aren’t prepared to head to the gym, even if it’s been a long day.

4. Create a Personal Takeout Menu.
There’s something about ordering takeout that can make a girl want to indulge. But when you’re really trying to stay on track, placing an unhealthy order from your favorite Chinese place can be a deal breaker. “I keep a running list of my top 10-20 clean takeout locations and my clean order from each restaurant, and I include my modifications and the phone number,” says Kelly. Then, when it comes time to order, eliminate the temptation by using your own personal healthy menu. This keeps you from needing to make the decision daily, and it gives you options without tempting you. This trick is a great way to avoid placing a bad order on a stressful or challenging day and keeps your healthy locations tip of mind.

5. Schedule a Weekly Standing Workout.
Starting now, pick one class or a workout with a trainer and schedule it in your calendar as a standing workout that does not change. Think of it as a weekly appointment you can’t miss. It doesn’t need to be everyday, but it must be once a week. Never move this workout! Do your best to schedule work-based activities and social events around it. This guarantees you never go more than a week without a workout and motivates you to get moving again. Too much time without a workout can cause anxiety and make it harder to get back in shape. Want to hold yourself even more accountable? Schedule it with a friend who won’t flake!

Now it’s your turn to tell us all the progress you’ve been making. If you’ve hit a few speed bumps, talk about them in the comments below—you might even find that other readers will have some helpful tips.

How are you doing with our Summer Boot Camp Plan?

Sound off below! And a big thanks to Kelly for those motivating tips to keep us on track.

XO Team LC

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